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T J Simplot

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Can you please explain how the insurance industry here in MN is the main problem?

Posted on 07/26/12 at 12:59 pm in response to Chick-fil-A, politics and social media: A cautionary tale

I am all for gay marriage but I have a problem with a government official blocking their expansion. I say let them build where they want and let the public decide if they want to go there. I don't need a politician doing that for me.

Two problems.

1. The penalty for not buying insurance is so low that it will still make financial to wait to buy insurance when you need it.

2. The ACA has taken all most of the power from the IRS to actually go after the penalty. The only legal way for them to get the penalty is to deduct it from any tax refund due to a person. If they don't get a refund, there is no way for the IRS to collect.

Here is what I am afraid of.

Not only is the penalty for not having no insurance very low, the chances of it being enforced are also very low. This means that healthy people will have no real incentive to buy insurance until they need it as there really is little or no risk in doing so. Imagine how much your car insurance would be if people only bought it when they had an accident? If I had my way I remove the monetary penalty and replace it with an eligibility penalty. Set a...

There was a time when this law would have made sense. For a long time in MN your dependent could stay on your plan until their 19th birthday or until they were 23 if they were a full time student. Working in the insurance industry I can tell you there definitely were some dependents who should not have been covered. Enough to cover the cost of auditing, I can't tell you but I bet it would be close.

MN (and the Feds) have since changed the law which now says dependents can stay on...

Dear politicians,

Please do your homework before you suggest legislation. If you were to do your homework you would discover the following things.

1. Large MN employers would not be subject to your law as most are self insured and not subject to state law.

2. Articles in other periodicals state you are targeting this legislation at employer plans that are "grandfathered" from health reform. If you did your homework you would find that most employer plans in MN are...

Ms Vetsch,

In both the St. Paul and Mpls. papers Ms. Murphy admitted she did know how many people this would affect. Again, I don't care what she's trying to mandate, she should do her homework first to see how many people this would affect.

As I stated previously, this law will help no one. The federal law will help everyone in under two years. As long as she is at it she should sponsor a bill that protects the breeding grounds of sasquatches as it would affect no one...

Dear legislators,

This stress could have been totally avoided if you got along and were able to agree on your own plan. Since you couldn't, now it is out of your hands. I have no sympathy for their stress

Most large employers in MN are self insured meaning they hire an outside company (an insurance company or third party administrator (TPA) to adminster their benefits for them. In these cases, the employer decides what they want covered. The insurance company or TPA then does as directed.

No, not everyone is covered by self-insured plan, but the insurance company is not always to blame either.

Posted on 02/15/12 at 02:05 pm in response to GOP legislators shrug off rock-bottom poll numbers

Personally I am tired of both parties. They both answer to their party first and the people second.

I'm tired of the constand bickering between them.