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Posted on 01/08/15 at 02:12 pm in response to The mass insanity of World War I — and what we can see in it today

"The First World War was most likely inevitable considering opposing interests of European countries and relatively low standards of living there at that time (if life is bad, glory of war may be better)."

Relatively low standards of living? In imperial Britain or burgeoning Germany? Relative to what or whom? Life was not nearly so bad in 1914 that people were looking for some sort of cataclysmic 'out'.

"Back to the present. Yes the war is hell but it is better to have a...

I don't believe such footage exists, because I don't believe that happened. A link could prove me wrong.

First, let me note that the protestors did not block entrances or exits of stores, that is was the police and the mall security that did so.

Second, let me note that American history is replete with protests that not only impeded commerce but also did physical damage, but if you are over 250 years of age you may possibly remember a time when our country was not like this.

Our nation was born of protest that impeded trade and actually damaged property, that being of course the...

I'm not sure if your statement above was really a reply to mine or a separate point altogether because I'm not seeing a connection. Are you somehow thinking my argument was that nobody should be punished...because I'm not sure how you could from what I wrote(?).

My understanding is that about a dozen protestors got arrested, and they are therefore being punished. Going after the organizers for further punishment is ridiculous. Nobody participating in the protests are under the...

I'm not sure if it is proper to post links to other media sources but I thought this was interesting and at the very least wanted to bring it to the staff of the Minnpost's attention-

Clergy tell Bloomington to charge them, too, in #BlackLivesMatter protest


When was the last large protest with significant violence in the Twin Cities? Yes, there are sometimes violent individuals but nothing that would require the kind of paramilitary swat teams the Bloomington City Attorney seems to think was merited. Protestors/organizers should not be on the hook for a wild overreaction on the part of the mall or the city.

Repetition of a falsehood does not make it true.

I've asked for proof that it was the protestors who disrupted businesses rather than the police shutting them down, and nobody has offered any. Most accounts indicate that is was the police/mall security that closed stores, and there have not yet been any verified reports that protestors blocked business entrances. Of course, there may be something that I have not seen (I doubt I've seen ALL the coverage of the protests), but the...

Posted on 12/23/14 at 03:31 pm in response to The tab for repairing three Minneapolis bridges: $130 million

"Bioethics is the study of typically controversial ethics brought about by advances in biology and medicine." As it is a subset of ethics, it is not necessary for it to be done by licensed physicians or psychiatrists. Some of the most renowned bioethicists are lawyers, philosophers, religious scholars, etc.

Evidently the U of M has no issue with Mr. Elliott's credentials qua being a bioethicist because...they hired him for that job. My hunch is that people who understand...

Posted on 12/22/14 at 09:21 am in response to MinnPost launches Twin Cities Theater Calendar

This is really cool- thanks to Minnpost and the Ivey Awards for doing this!

I have a suggestion for improvement, however: I think some sort of graphical representation would be more effective. I looked at the calendar and it's a little cluttered in its current text-only mode. The same show will be listed once for every day it runs. Having a colored and labeled block for each show that indicates the time period it runs on the calendar would be much more user friendly.

In any...

Posted on 12/22/14 at 09:41 am in response to Complications from abortions are rare, study finds

Most discussions about politics can't be reduced to flat out true or false statements as the issues are complex and often subjective. However, any proposition that 'science has defined life as beginning at conception' can objectively be judged true or false, and it is objectively false.

Marco Rubio included this exact same falsehood in a speech not too long ago, and that such a high profile individual could get away it is emblematic of the American right's descent into subjective...