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Theo Kozel

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Greater Minnesota voted for the small-government pro-free market party so it would subsidize housing, broadband coverage, job training and transportation that the small government free market would not provide.

Posted on 11/11/14 at 08:58 pm in response to How the House GOP conquered rural Minnesota

Hard to maintain that line when the DFL won all 4 statewide offices, unless you're someone who exhibits a pretty consistent tendency to ignore facts contrary to your political disposition.

Posted on 11/06/14 at 12:53 pm in response to House Republicans to the Twin Cities: It's not about you

Real Gross Domestic Product for the state of Minnesota was $289 billion dollars in 2013

Real Gross Domestic Production for the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area was $213.5 billion dollars in 2013

Posted on 11/07/14 at 11:25 am in response to House Republicans to the Twin Cities: It's not about you

I don't object to outstate development. I object to the myth that there is some sort of imbalance that favors the metro area. I object to this myth because there is no empirical data that supports it, and indeed the empirical data directly contradicts it.

I have a post above that shows the metro area to generate 73% of state GDP. Let's contrast this against spending, using this excellent PDF from the House of Representatives Research Department-


When a non-partisan organization comes up with evidence of voter fraud, we can talk.

Otherwise the case is closed regarding whether voter fraud is a legitimate issue- all evidence resoundingly shows it is not. People who genuinely care about the Constitution and the American way of democracy would not drum up false allegations to weaken this core instution.

You're reaching, Mr, Swift, and grasping nothing but straws. It remains unarguably true that eroding faith in the vote when you have no solid evidence to justify your position is un-American in the truest sense of the term: it attacks a central, fundamental plank of our democracy that has been in place since our nation was founded.

Actually, pretty much all developed countries do not require a photo ID-

Unfortunately you don't understand the statistics you are citing, Mr. Swift.

That #11 does not mean 11th MOST underemployed, it means 11th LEAST underemployed, as corroborated by this table from the Bureau of Labor Statistics which breaks all unemployment measures down by state-

1) North Dakota 5.5%
2) South Dakota 6.9%
3) Nebraska...

Posted on 09/24/14 at 09:41 am in response to St. Paul and the troubles of redeveloping awkward buildings

I'm curious if someone can speak about a few questions that linger in my mind after reading this article: Roughly how much did the Port Authority expect the demolition costs to be? Why are the costs so much greater than they anticipated? I agree that it's best for the city to have control over such a central location, St. Paul doesn't need its own Block E (nor does Minneapolis, for that matter).

Pavel's is 100% false, according to libertarian-leaning think-tanks The MacIver Institute and the National Center for Policy Analysis.

The MacIver Institute is "The Free Market Voice for Wisconsin", and the NCPA is "a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy research organization, established in 1983. Our goal is to develop and promote private, free-market alternatives to government regulation and control, solving problems by relying on the strength of the competitive,...