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Theo Kozel

Minneapolis, MN
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Posted on 04/02/14 at 09:36 am in response to Urban development: mixed use, mixed results?

"But when I drive around town, I see a whole lot of mixed-use buildings with unused retail space." As an assessment of the success or failure of an approach to urban development, anecdotes are meaningless. Perhaps the writer's questions would be better answered through some basic research- for example, comparing the success rates of mixed developments against similar businesses not in mixed developments. Sorry, even as a devil's advocate type article, this is just plain lazy and poorly...

Posted on 03/20/14 at 08:44 am in response to A no-good very bad Senate election cycle for Democrats?

...fortunately the election is in November.

Furthermore, the same kinds of factors that make 2014 look difficult for Team Blue indicate that this is nothing but a swan song for Team Red. The electoral map, continued (but slow) demographic changes, the GOP lack of a platform, voting patterns of millenials, etc. look as bad for the GOP long term as other factors look for the Democrats short term. If I had to choose between which hand I had to play, I'd choose the Democratic one....

Posted on 02/13/14 at 11:07 am in response to Marty Seifert: ‘Minnesota government costs too much’

"The Met Council is going way above and beyond what it should be doing, particularly in the area of urban planning and zoning that is better left to local units of government that are held accountable with election certificates.

I look at the Met Council as a duplicative layer of government, over the top of local government that should be doing these things. Frankly, there are a lot of local government units that could be consolidating and performing joint services."

In other...

Posted on 01/30/14 at 11:32 am in response to In giving Minnesota a D, Students First hurt its own credibility

That the two best performing states according to this report card are Louisiana and Florida and the worst include our own Minnesota as well as Iowa and Wisconsin is enough to dismiss Students First. It is not outcomes they are concerned with - measurable metrics of success - but what ideological prescriptions were applied. Students First as a name is a mockery. It should be Students Be Damned - We Have an Ideology!

Posted on 11/26/13 at 03:35 pm in response to Leaf-bagging under scrutiny as a wasteful expense and pointless chore

Global Warming does not translate into "every part of the earth will be warmer all the time", so a late, cold spring followed by an early winter in Minnesota is not a counter to 'global warming'. What would be a counter to is if the thousands of temperature readings taken around the globe did not show a historical aggregate warming trend. Unfortunately they do.

It is interesting that a climate change denier would cite NOAA statistics on this hurricane season when the NOAA itself...

Posted on 11/27/13 at 09:50 am in response to Leaf-bagging under scrutiny as a wasteful expense and pointless chore

As I and at least one other commenter here have explained, local short term weather conditions are not valid indicators or counter-indicators of global warming. To present them as such is to spread misinformation. If you want to understand the scientific view on the matter, you could do much worse than read the NOAA website information I linked to.

I live 3 blocks from the Godfrey Parkway roundabout and am utterly perplexed as to how anyone could consider it a bad example. I navigate my way through it by car, bicycle, and foot (with two large, impatient dogs to boot) literally hundreds of times a year and vastly prefer it to the other intersections I have to traverse. It can be quite busy but it works supremely well from my experience with it.

Posted on 05/09/13 at 10:25 am in response to Opposing same-sex marriage has made Pastor Jerry McAfee a lightning rod

For a man who preaches the Bible, you would think he would have heard of non-violence and turning the other cheek. Sadly, what he preaches is cherry-picking and hypocrisy.

Posted on 05/03/12 at 04:27 pm in response to Tea Party rally in Brainerd draws more than 50 'unhappy' people

Yes, diverse in a "white people over 50 plus one high school senior" kind of way.