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Thomas Eckhardt

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Posted on 11/09/14 at 03:07 pm in response to Same-sex marriage will now likely become a Supreme Court case

There is absolutely nothing in the Constitution that deals with marriage, same sex or otherwise. There is something about equal protection under the law. Previous courts may not have felt society wanted this protection to cover same sex marriage. But there is nothing in the Constitution that prohibits same sex marriage. With the majority of states now allowing same sex marriage, is it the role of the Supreme Court to tell them they are wrong?

Posted on 12/03/13 at 05:56 pm in response to The case for Scott Walker

Walkerism may not be working in Wisconsin, but he is making quite a reputation for himself as a liar. Talked to my son in Madison and he filled me in on a few. Walker said he left college to support his family, but he got married 2 years after he left college and it was another year before the first kid. Claims he had to increase his and his family's security after an attack by liberals on his car, but there are no news stories or police reports to substantiate the attack. Check his new...

Posted on 10/07/13 at 12:15 pm in response to Before I stop filibustering about gerrymandering

There is a story here. Look at Pennsylvania. Obama got 52% of the vote. Democratic congressional candidates got 51% of the total vote. Republicans won 13 of 18 congressional seats, 72%.

The five democrats won with 60-89% of the vote. Republican victories ranged from 51-64%.

The census bureau website is down, but I'd like to see the population figures for those congressional districts as well. Are they packing proportionately more people into those Democratic districts...

Eric, you're going a little too far even for me in this one. Obama is not killing "foreigners on foreign soil... for any reason that satisfies him". The Taliban's retreat into Pakistan, and their subsequent continuation of the war from these safe havens, left us the choice of invading Pakistan or coming up with another way to strike at the Taliban. Surely, the drone strikes are the less intrusive of the two. That doesn't necessarily make them good or moral, more the lesser of two evils...

Posted on 01/19/12 at 11:30 pm in response to All heck breaking loose in Republican race

Jeb Bush, anyone?

Because the last two Bushes were so well loved? Of course, then we could just skip the election and go right to the Supreme Court.

Posted on 01/12/12 at 10:01 pm in response to Freedom isn't free, y'know

My problem (one of them) with Romney is that if you've ever lived in Utah then you know that they don't really believe in separation of Church and State.

Posted on 01/11/12 at 12:59 pm in response to After New Hampshire: Looks like it's gonna be Romney

I agree with Paul. All of those quotes from Romney are designed to help him with the base, they're not plucking a chord among independent moderates.

Posted on 01/10/12 at 04:50 pm in response to Politics by gaffe is stupid, but it probably works

There is a lot in the Romney quote that is just plain crazy. Why would anyone "like" finding out they don't get the service they thought they were buying, forcing them to go back out into the marketplace to try to find a good service provide?

Also, the insurance companies don't keep us healthy, they pay our medical bills when we get sick, but staying healthy is my own business. Having health insurance doesn't make me any less likely to get cancer or hit by a bus.

The guy...

Posted on 01/09/12 at 03:38 pm in response to Montana's justices rebel against Citizens United decision


"Corporations have to tell the truth about their products in advertising, they can't lie about their competitors' products, they can't sell unsafe products..."

First of all, Citizens United has nothing to do with product advertising or unsafe products. Nor are they required to "tell the truth" by Citizens United. It allows them to spend money on political advertising with whatever level (or lack thereof) of truthfulness they desire. They can take things out of context...

Posted on 01/10/12 at 12:10 am in response to Montana's justices rebel against Citizens United decision


That's funny, I thought he succeeded. When was the last time a corporation was executed? Can a corporation get a conceal/carry permit? Register to vote? Go to communion?