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Thomas Lutz

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Posted on 07/29/08 at 01:18 pm in response to 'These buildings can be saved'

Catherine has put her finger on one of the thorniest preservation issues. It has only been in the last few years that Upper Fort Snelling has really looked like it could be save. Before that preservationists were told to look elsewhere, or were told, yes, others would come and save maybe a few. No need to bother yourself with these concerns. Besides so many of them were in the way of plans to expand airport runways. Thank goodness, all these organizations saw the light and came to the rescue...

A very good informative, introductory article Mr.Way for those of us still on the front end of the learning curve. Please do more.

Posted on 11/16/07 at 12:22 pm in response to Urban designers: Minneapolis should dump skyways

Thanks to Steve Berg for the excellent, thought-provoking article and the very interesting and insightful comments of those who responded. I think Ann Spencer really targeted in on the real issue. Does Mpls want to be a city with a real authentic sense of "urbanity"? As a long time (former) MN resident going back to the early 1960s, it always seemed to me that Mpls was running away from its pre-war "cityness", trying hard to shed it for some kind of lifestyle more suburban than truly urban....