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Posted on 04/02/14 at 01:56 pm in response to Leitz to Congress: MNsure 'stable, secure and successful'

144,000 lost their coverage in Minnesota, and they've signed up 169,000; the majority to Medicaid and other subsidized plans. MNSure is already readying the taxpayers for a $5 million deficit..

...but it's stable and successful.

If this disaster wasn't sure to cause much suffering in the next two years, I'd laugh.

Posted on 04/03/14 at 08:55 am in response to Leitz to Congress: MNsure 'stable, secure and successful'

That's a pretty compelling argument, Lance, except for the part where Minnesota (and every other state)has regulated what insurance policies must offer since NAIC was founded in 1871...oh, you didn't make that observation, did you? Well there we are.

If there were policies being sold that didn't cover hospitalization (and I'm unable to find evidence of that) it was done with the blessing of every legislature since the early 70's, to say nothing of the individual choice customers made...

Posted on 04/03/14 at 02:35 pm in response to Leitz to Congress: MNsure 'stable, secure and successful'

"The argument that its 169K in and 144K (with bigger national numbers) is simply not true."

You may have a point, but we can't be sure because the White House (and MNSure) refuses to divulge such demographic information, which, oddly enough, is at the core of what congress is expecting Leitz to explain; big $ was pumped in, where's the beef?

Given the happy dance Democrats are doing today, the reticence and secrecy surrounding basic data is particularly telling. Does anyone...

Posted on 02/26/14 at 02:56 pm in response to Obama to preview transportation funding debate in St. Paul

An empty, $250 million dollar train station is just *so* appropriate for this speech.

Fitz is a very good guy, but he ran with the promise to oppose same sex unions.

He obviously miscalculated the importance of that promise to his constituents and has paid the price for it, as will, I expect, the 6 DFL incumbents running for re-election in districts that were similarly blind-sided by the vote.

That being said, I do believe we have not seen the last of David FitzSimmons.

You're suggesting that women who manage a home and care for children are not equal that right?

And "housewife" is some manner of that right?

My sister is a "housewife".

She manages the finances, cares for three children and makes a comfortable home for her family. My brother in law delivers pop for a living; they are not wealthy by anyone's definition. They made a choice to fit their lives around their priorities, and trust me here, they are equal partners in every respect.

My other sister works outside the home. I don't see her as any less a caring mother. Fact is, the only mockery I've seen related to the issue...

Obamacare, in all it's permutations has failed to come anywhere close to "ensuring that all people have adequate healthcare coverage". The very people it was supposed to target are largely ignoring it. The young, healthy segment so vital to making this thing fly aren't interested, and of those currently uninsured "others" that do know about it, twice as many don't like it as do. Heck, MNSure still has a huge deficit of people that were cancelled vs. those that signed up. It's not even "...

Evidently you haven't had a family member lose their insurance, their physician or their job due to this law. They probably wouldn't describe their outrage as whining, but of course you're entitled to your opinion.

Perhaps you can understand that when your HP printer fails, and the help line offers no help, you have the option of not buying their printers again...when you're oncologist informs you his services are no longer covered by your new Obamacare plan, and the help desk is of...

Posted on 01/27/14 at 09:37 am in response to Birth control isn't about sex, Gov. Huckabee

Those silly conservatives...when will they learn that birth control isn't about sex, and if you do get pregnant, the thing growing in you isn't a baby, right?