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If you're comparing those with just a high school education against those with a traditional college degree you're making an argument no one is challenging.

However you have omitted an area where there is still great opportunity for those who, for whatever reason, do not go to "college".

There is a huge call for trade and technical school trained men and women in this country. In fact, within the industrial automation and control industry, of which I'm a part, there are...

Connie, I'm addressing the topic as it was presented, ie: "college degree". In the absence of something concrete, I must observe you're making as much an assumption as I am.

I'm curious though, can you give us an example of the type of skilled labor employers used to accept people off the street to train them for?

Your point is well taken, Jonathan.

I agree that the theory taught in engineering schools today is well suited to detailed electronic design, and I'm certainly not questioning the quality of the grads I see today. But the fact is that for every EE designing PLC hardware (or software, for that matter) there are 100 or more out implementing it.

Neither is more important than the other, it's a matter of capacity.

And that's the crux of my argument. I've interviewed lots of...

Thanks Jody, but unions are not employers. Besides, society itself foots the bill for their "services"...not a good example.

Interesting that Dayton's response to Minnesota's shameful failure to deliver educational success to minority kids is to whine about budget cuts. Because as we all know, it's impossible to say just how much is enough to see an improvement, just "more"

Posted on 10/11/14 at 03:43 pm in response to McFadden paying to re-broadcast first senatorial debate in Twin Cities

57% of Americans do not approve of Obama's performance.

"Nearly half in U.S. say ACA will make healthcare worse in long run"

Posted on 10/10/14 at 09:06 am in response to Texas prosecutors want Adrian Peterson re-arrested

Walker has a very comfortable lead, a good message and the gratitude of the majority of thoughtful Wisconsin citizens. This ruling will necessitate the election be subjected to a careful scrutiny, but despite being a Democrat, Wisconsin's SOS didn't win his seat with the help of George Soros. I don't think the Governor is going to lose any sleep.

Posted on 10/10/14 at 08:59 am in response to Minnesota malaise afflicts 2014 voters

I think you underestimate the fallout of MNSure.

Despite the Democrats' concentrated efforts to keep the pain of Obamacare from reaching voters until after the election, the Preferred One pullout and mendacious announcement of a fictional 4.5% increase in premiums has put MNSure first in the minds of those who have had their lives turned upside down.

"Nearly half in U.S. say ACA will make healthcare worse in long run"

In my opinion, the test starts before any of the cops put the cameras on.

Those that raise objection should be questioned about what it is they have to hide. It's a question that appears to be standard in criminal justice educations around the country, so they should have no problem explaining.

As if grasping unions and their enablers weren't enough. God help those kids.