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Franken has an office full of informed and knowledgeable staff members. McFadden will have the same thing when he's elected. As to legislative capabilities, other than casting the deciding vote for Obamacare, I'm having a little trouble putting my finger on Franken's achievements. Can you give us some details?

Franken is PROUD of Obamacare. He LOVES Obamacare. Al Franken is Mr. Obamacare!

Why do you think he'd be shy about acknowledging the blatantly obvious (to everyone but yourself, evidently) fact that there would be no Obamacare if he hadn't won the recount?

You're right. The disclosure of Franken's past failures and foibles had little effect among lefties, which makes watching y'all bash a guy with a scandal free history as a successful executive absolutely hilarious.

"Its a tired argument to goad fictions about a senator who’s held the office for nearly a term."

Forget fictions. What has Franken accomplished during his near term? With the exception of his tie breaking vote to pass Obamacare, I'm at a loss to find anything for the left to crow about.

In all honesty, the best recommendation the left can give Al Franken is that he wasn't the bombastic fool everyone expected him to be. And that is due to the competent handling of the people...

"I remember how these republicans squirmed with glee when Dayton and Franken got the nod."

Yes, hopefully they well never again overestimate the standards of Democrats.

Franken "won" by 250 votes, Paul. Please don't paint Minnesota voters with that broad brush.

Bill, the people of Minnesota didn't vote to legalize SSM. If you wish to make the results of this election a litmus test on their reaction to having been manipulated, I'm with you. SC politics are wonderful, thank-you for asking.

If I'm not mistaken, and I'm not, the message was "There is already a law against SSM. Changing the constitution is mean and unnecessary." Now among Democrats, it was certainly "wink, wink", but I never heard "let the Legislature decide".

Ya can't bring yourself to be honest about it, even now. Sheesh.

Posted on 09/10/14 at 02:52 pm in response to St. Paul Police release two surveillance videos of skyway incident

Here's a link to the video:

The guy was walking in the skyway when he was accosted by St. Paul's finest. Pretty much what Lollie said.


Posted on 09/10/14 at 08:11 pm in response to St. Paul Police release two surveillance videos of skyway incident

Actually, the DA dropped the charges before they ever got to a court.