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Posted on 12/29/14 at 01:18 pm in response to The 6 most intriguing congressional stories of 2014

I don't think the voters were dismissive at all. They clearly, and forcefully rejected the Democrat agenda.

Posted on 12/22/14 at 08:09 am in response to The tab for repairing three Minneapolis bridges: $130 million

With a population little more than 1/3 of Saint Paul, West St. Paul is struggling to come up with $24 million to pay for repairs and improvements to it's Robert Street corridor, which although designated a state road which carries a far higher traffic load than the Kellogg bridge, they are paying for themselves.

Because they realize there is no magic money tree at the capitol, they have rejected two bids which exceeded their budget, and are working on something that fits their...

Posted on 12/22/14 at 09:23 am in response to The tab for repairing three Minneapolis bridges: $130 million

You've missed the point, Paul. Robert is an unwalkable, crumbling street....and W. St. Paul is picking up the tab to fix it. Because of that, they are honing the project fit into what they can afford. Coleman's idea of leadership is spending his city taxes on outdoor ice skating rinks, a bicycle coordinator, triply redundant Human Rights departments & etc., then schlepping up to the capitol every year to beg for money to pay for the things he should have done in the first place.


Posted on 12/22/14 at 10:53 am in response to The tab for repairing three Minneapolis bridges: $130 million

Y'all just don't want to acknowledge the obvious point. Robert street has to be repaired. The city is prepared to pay for it.

How much more local property taxes are the Coleman demographic willing to pay for it's bridge repair? From what I've read, they expect the state to pick up the whole tab.

Posted on 12/22/14 at 10:57 am in response to The tab for repairing three Minneapolis bridges: $130 million

Saint Paul's roads are a shambles, so turning back maintenance of the new bridge is a non-starter. How much more are the Coleman demographic willing to pony up to get the job done? From what I've read, it's $0.

Posted on 12/22/14 at 09:34 am in response to DFLers lament Wagenius' absence from House environmental committee

Dang those Republicans, anyway. And after the governor pushed through all those union friendly pieces of legislation because it's what is best for the state.

We've been here before. When Clinton re-established diplomatic relations and trade with Vietnam, leftists were making the same claim.

Not only are the human rights abuses continuing unabated, the value of trade with the US is paltry, and for the same reasons; the people have no money to buy the stuff their Communist government will allow into the country.

Goods exports [to Vietnam] totaled $5.0 billion; Goods imports [from Vietnam] totaled $24.6 billion. The U.S. good trade deficit with Vietnam was $19.6 billion in 2013.

We export raw materials to Vietnam. They turn it into clothes and electronics and...

The trade deficit proves normalization hasn't done anything for the US economy, but has helped the Vietnamese Communist regime immensely.

You're right though; there are differences between Cuba and Vietnamese Communist regimes. Cuba's is worse. To look at the failed 20 year experiment we've conducted with Vietnam and expect it to work better with a dictatorship in an isolated island is willful ignorance.

The Soviet Union collapsed under it's own weight, and Venezuela is nearing...

"...they still have a fairly tightly-controlled society"