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Posted on 09/09/14 at 05:24 pm in response to 1 in 5 U.S. women raped during their lifetimes, CDC study finds

Scam doesn't suggest deliberate deceit; it declares it. What we have is an incredible conspiracy involving thousands of scientists across disciplines, (languages?, erm no) universities, journals and their editors, professional scientific bodies, journalists, etc. all with a political or financial stake in propagating it.

You're right though in that is does need a body of people sporting a lack of critical thinking skills to keep the insanity alive. Of that, dishearteningly, we have a...

Posted on 09/10/14 at 08:39 am in response to Former candidate Tom Horner likely to join Johnson campaign for governor

By the usual Republican social issues, I'm guessing you mean the issue the DFL excoriated the GOP for addressing, and then made the first piece of legislation they put in the ol' hopper last year, right?

Or is it the social issue the DNC sends me a flood of *ALERT* e-mail about each week asking for cash to support?

Posted on 09/04/14 at 12:36 pm in response to Michelle MacDonald and the anatomy of a political train wreck

This is an embarrassment for the MNGOP, no doubt. But it's far from out of the ordinary in Minnesota politics.

We remember, for instance, that candidate Keith Ellison's history with Louis Farrakhan was no sooner swept under the rug than his feckless driving habits (resulting in the suspension of his license) and failure to pay fines appeared before the public.

That issue swept aside, and his public expressions of support for members of the Vice Lords street gang who were...

Posted on 09/04/14 at 07:26 pm in response to Michelle MacDonald and the anatomy of a political train wreck

No, Myron. It's DWI now. Please keep up with the discussion.

Posted on 09/08/14 at 03:38 pm in response to Survey finds Republicans' biggest concern is not what you think it is

That's true.

But observing the compass leftists seem to prefer, one is left to ask what value a compass that spins like a propeller blown by the ever changing winds of popular culture really has.

Seems to me that if one starts with the premise that nothing can be deemed right or wrong, professing to own a "moral compass" of any sort becomes an act of willful self-deceit.

Posted on 09/04/14 at 08:40 pm in response to The nice guy's guide to becoming the Republican nominee for governor

Heh...pretty bold coming from the same people that regurgitate wretched candidates like Mark Dayton.

How about enlightening us to anything Dayton has done that hasn't turned into a epic waste of taxpayer dollars?

We'll wait.

Posted on 09/02/14 at 01:35 pm in response to Minneapolis Public Schools: The system needs a reboot

With all due respect, while the school system deserves a lot of the blame for failing black students, you are remiss not to note that what some people consider parenting needs a reboot as well.

You cannot spend their formative early years ignoring kids at home and drop them off at school expecting them to know how to behave. We cannot forget that for all it's faults, the public school system's hands are tied when it comes to creatively managing unruly students. In most cases, teachers...

Posted on 09/02/14 at 08:32 pm in response to 'I'm here to listen': A Q&A with Gov. Mark Dayton

He didn't listen when people told him they didn't want to give Zygi Wilf a boatload of taxpayer cash.

He didn't listen when people told him they didn't want Obamacare.

He didn't listen when people told him MNSure was a disaster in the making.

He didn't listen when people told him not to force unions upon child care businesses.

But nowm he's ready to listen.

$800,000. Wow.

That is more than 8.4% of the $9.6 tax increase Coleman just saddled his constituents with, right there. How many miles of city owned goat paths will go unrepaired to pay this off?

Can't wait to hear the sob story Coleman comes up with to tell the legislature next year during his annual "we're broke" concert.

"I Can Only Assume

That by "capturing people's hearts" Mr Johnson hopes their emotional response to him will overcome their ability to think logically or consider any actual, factual evidence,...

and they'll trust him enough to vote for him based on how they feel about him,..."

Greg, did you vote for Barack Obama?