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Posted on 08/25/14 at 02:12 pm in response to 50 school districts got waiver to start before Labor Day

Walker's staff should have taken a lesson on "hard drive crashes" from Lois Lerner et. al. Maybe they didn't get the memo.

I agree 100% with this commentary. Although the Facebook pictures of Brown brandishing a pistol and the video suggesting he had just robbed a convenience store are hard to overlook, the cops have no right to shoot unarmed civilians; period.

And the militarization of civilian police is a clear violation of the Posse Comitatus Act. We have federally armed and trained soldiers patrolling our streets.

I see this as an opportunity for conservatives and moderate Democrats to unite...

BTW. The SPPD has said they don't expect to receive any military hardware for cooperating with the Army. That sounds like complete BS to me and others.

Maybe the Minnpost can send someone down to HQ and ferret some truth out of them. Taking a peek into the garage would be a great place to start.

Unless I'm mistaken, it is the left that is pro-Big Fed and anti-federalist. States rights is a dirty word, remember?

Loss of freedom is the inescapable consequence of handing our responsibilities.

LOL! Can I quote you on that, Bill? Sheesh.

That's fine, Richard. But does that mean they are above questioning?

No Jon. Most rank and file cops are 2nd amendment supporters. Do not confuse them with the leaders that serve at the pleasure of leftist mayors and city councils.

Neal, I not only understand the letter of the act, I understand it's intent.

Didn't the Twin cities just endure a training excersize that included Army and civilian police working together? Where do you think the police get all that military hardware? You and I clearly do not see the same fine line.

You're right about tanks/MRAP's, but IMO the point is moot. The vehicles deployed in Ferguson had intact mounts for M1A1 machine guns. Why would they retain them if they didn't...

Also, and perhaps more importantly, civilians do not have ready access to military grade weapons.

To own an automatic weapon, you must receive a license, which requires a thorough FBI background check, as well as agreeing to Onsite inspections from the ATF.

I suppose you can label becoming a gunsmith as "ready access", but I wouldn't.

I'm aware of what it takes to modify a rifle from semi to fully automatic fire. Even with "off the shelf" conversion kits (which are no longer legal) it takes skill and knowledge the general public doesn't have. Most attempts by basement armorers are going to result in creating a non-functioning wall decoration. Your criminal acquaintances are not mainstream gun owners.