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Posted on 10/25/14 at 01:42 pm in response to Ebola in Africa: A product of history, not a natural phenomenon

Touched 'em all Ilya, with one exception. While its indisputable that foreign corporations have exploited African resources and people, that could not have occurred without the connivance of African leaders.

In that, the Prof stumbled upon a truth, it could have been avoided but for the human propensity to use power for personal gain no matter the cost to others...that's something any Cuban could speak to.

Posted on 10/21/14 at 02:23 pm in response to New outside groups target Minnesota races

A mishmash of deep pocketed lefty schemers and union bosses for one, a coalition of agribusiness for the other.

But what does it matter? Unless they are airing something that is libelous or slanderous who cares who's footing the bill?

Consider the message and weigh it on its merits, or, in this case, the lack thereof.

Thank you for that thoughtful insight, Todd. It's that sort of deep commentary that makes Minnpost such an amusing read.

Posted on 10/17/14 at 12:12 pm in response to KSTP/Survey USA poll: Stewart Mills leads Rep. Rick Nolan by 8 points

Losing the Range will have consequences for Dayton and Franken....Peterson's in big trouble too.

Posted on 10/17/14 at 01:03 pm in response to Promises, promises: revisiting Mark Dayton's 2010 campaign pledges

Oh...censored. I guess I'll just stand over here and shake my pom-poms. Goooo Mark!

Posted on 10/17/14 at 05:25 pm in response to Promises, promises: revisiting Mark Dayton's 2010 campaign pledges

Haha! That was a good one Nancy.

Posted on 10/17/14 at 06:50 am in response to Minnesota sees huge increase in absentee voting under 'no excuse' law

Regarding that unfortunate 4.5% gaffe from Gov. Dayton et. al...I fear Mr. Johnson may be understating the case, if anything.

Maybe e-pulltabs will cover the difference....

Posted on 10/17/14 at 06:39 am in response to Minnesota's unemployment rate dropped to 4.1% in September

Minnpost is a microcosm of what Minnesota is experiencing. The staff is filled with former (for profit) Star Tribune reporters working part time at a non-profit, earning (I'm guessing) somewhat less.

Although I'd love to lay the blame exclusively at the feet of the DFL, the truth is this is happening all over the country. Our economy is in a phase shift, and it's going to take a lot of time, maybe a generation, to adjust.

That being said, states with a creative, educated...

"bourgeoisie black elite" Wow.

Does "Uncle Tom" by another name smell as racist?

There's cash in them thar schools, and plenty of it. It's clear the status quo won't go down without a fight, and Flowers et. al. have a long, successful history of comebacks by such black "leaders" as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Marion Barry to boost their morale.

Personally, I'm popping popcorn.

Are those for-profit colleges sending thousands of minority kids out to the streets each year functionally illiterate? I'd be interested to know more about that.