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Thomas Swift

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St. Paul, MN
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Posted on 10/01/14 at 07:14 pm in response to McFadden goes at Franken's record in first debate

Played out just as I thought it would. I think things are going to be just fine.

Posted on 10/02/14 at 09:31 am in response to McFadden goes at Franken's record in first debate

If "If you dislike _____, you'll like me" is such a bad idea, why is it every Democratic candidate made Bush derangement syndrome the centerpiece of their campaigns in 2008...and still do today?

Obama is at 36% approval in Minnesota, which is no doubt the total hardcore leftist population of Minneapolis and St. Paul. I think most people are just sick of him.

Most democracies don't have 300 million citizens or 12 million in their countries illegally.

Bingo, Ilya. Nailed that one shut.

I'll say it Tom. Because so many voters have absolutely no clue about what or who they are voting for, keeping limited to the informed favors Republicans. Heck, I'll say it loud. If your success relies on marshaling piles and heaps of low information voters, you have a problem.

Every bong toking slacker is nodding their head (slowly) in favor of what you're saying Tom. But I'm guessing they'll need a ride, or gas money; can you hook them up?

Foreman, if someone is involved enough to identify themselves with a political movement or party, they are inherently not clueless. They may be wrong about everything, as are most Democrats, but not clueless.

Its easy to confuse them. Sears and Medicare share a common trait. Both are nearing bankruptcy.

Well Jon, if they're gonna shut them down they better hurry. Obama's dipping deep into the Medicaid and Medicare well to fund Obamacare, and the feds have already hollowed SSI out so thoroughly it's just about ready to collapse of it's own weight.

Posted on 09/30/14 at 04:09 pm in response to Minnesota high schools taking football concussions seriously

What a minute. Minnesota is dead last in job growth according to the Star Trib