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Are those for-profit colleges sending thousands of minority kids out to the streets each year functionally illiterate? I'd be interested to know more about that.

Nothing in the world wrong with profit, as long as the customer is getting good value for his dollar. That is clearly not the case with Metro area government schools. Personally, I think it's long past time the teachers unions are silenced, and the number of people that agree with me grows every day; but you may feel differently.

The desperate tone taken by Martin and Grow suggest to me and many others that Severson has hit an especially tender spot in the DFL machinery.

Heck, even the fact that Martin felt the need to immediately and personally blow smoke at Severson's presser says volumes.

SOS Ritchie, a beneficiary of George Soros' "Secretary of State Project", was constantly working to make voting easier for people who don't even participate enough in society to have a valid ID, but did nothing to...

Denial! Outrage! Tears!

Me thinks the leftists protest too much.

In 2010, 32 people were charged with felony voter fraud in Minnesota. That, after a conservative group, with no subpoena or law enforcement investigative powers did some digging.

It's simple enough to hold one's hand to forehead, scan the horizon and declare "Nope, no fraud here.", but with elections being decided by a couple hundred votes, the voters deserve more.

As SOS, Dan Severson will provide...

I'm not suggesting the military be excluded from any proposed rule. I just want their legally cast votes counted.

Those 32 cases of voter fraud are the result of the most cursory investigation by private citizens. Franken was seated in the Senate by 215 votes. To the millions that watched Franken's "march to the sea" with horror, your protestations ring very hollow in the light of those facts.

Richard, again, those convictions were accomplished through the efforts of private citizens, with no police powers of investigation. They were forced to act because the Secretary of State refused to even look into the matter. In fact he'll leave office with that cloud hanging still over his head.

So, while leftists continue to claim "there is no fraud", we know there is; we just don't know how much. And for every vote that is fraudulently cast, there is a entitled voter who is denied...

Well there we are, Theo.

It shouldn't be left to "non-partisan organizations" to protect the integrity of our elections; that's the job of the Secretary of State. As you've just pointed out, Ritchie has not acted in the best interests of the citizens, and as a member of the same party we can conclude that Simon would continue that shameful attention to duty.

Thanks for bringing that up. It was a worthwhile contribution to the discussion.

Your mom should certainly be able to vote Tom.

Folks of an age your mom has reached are dependent on others to help keep them engaged, of course. It's certainly no fault of her own that her ID has lapsed.

If you're too tied up to help her get registered, I can put you in touch with some folks who'd be happy to help. Best wishes to her.

Wow, RINO or no, I bet Joe was non-plussed when those fraud convictions were handed down...he probably isn't happy to be reminded of his ill considered public statement.

Minnesota is also #11 nationally for underemployed people.

Burger flipping is an honorable job, but I think Minnesota could do better if it had a Governor and legislature that didn't look down and spit on the ground every time corporate America...