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Tim Walker

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Posted on 10/17/14 at 07:32 am in response to Minnesota sees huge increase in absentee voting under 'no excuse' law

Mark Peterson only mentions in passing the cover up by bishops, while focusing almost exclusively on the 4 out of 100 figure that he gets from the John Jay Report.

And of course, the cover up is such a huge part of the scandal, and continues to this day, allowing priests to continue to abuse young children.

How about some more examination of THAT, Mark?

Posted on 10/09/14 at 07:45 am in response to Down in polls, McFadden offers 'Contract with Minnesota'

... "tax and spend" liberals.

Or not.

You know, like, because taxing and spending is the primary function of governments, and has been since Roman citizens rendered unto Caesar some of their coins so that they and their neighbors could enjoy civilization. You know, like aqueducts and roads, and other neat stuff like that.

And for the record, I and other liberals are not all about taxing just those with higher incomes than ours.

I have stated here and elsewhere...

Posted on 10/09/14 at 07:07 am in response to Bill Maher visits Northfield as part of 'flip' effort

Mr. Swift,

Many, many "celibate" heterosexual priests sexually abused girls.

So instead of focusing on the sexual orientation of the abusers, let's just call them all sexual predators.

And, as criminal as the acts of the abusers was, the bigger picture has always been the massive cover-ups by the church hierarchy, which was, and is, also criminal.

I blame Obama.

Posted on 10/07/14 at 10:22 am in response to 'Decision fatigue' leads to overprescribing of antibiotics, study finds

Food for thought.


Posted on 10/07/14 at 07:11 am in response to Competitive race against Mills leads to fundraising haul for Nolan

... never, ever, make a distinction between local or in-district fundraising and outside groups donating, say, 10 times as much as the locals.

Nope, never.

Or, even a "national socialist" (as well as being a regular ol' socialist).

Posted on 10/02/14 at 10:33 am in response to McFadden goes at Franken's record in first debate

And that will certainly please President Romney.

Thank you:

Andy Steiner, Andrea Lee, NAMI-MN, the Medica Foundation, and People Incorporated.

Except if you diddle little boys.

Then you just get transferred to another unsuspecting parish.

Rinse. Lather. Repeat offenders.