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100 percent of the women who have run for POTUS have lost, so there's that.

Thank you, Kevin.

Posted on 11/17/14 at 08:36 am in response to Minnesota National Guard troops headed to West Africa to help with Ebola

... last February.

I had to stay an extra day there because my original flight home was canceled due to an ice storm.

I agree with Thomas and Jody that climate change is a real b**ch!

Posted on 11/17/14 at 10:43 am in response to Minnesota National Guard troops headed to West Africa to help with Ebola

Just in case it wasn't obvious, I was being sarcastic, and trying to make the point that ice storms in Dallas are also signs of climate change.

... when I was a grad student in Journalism at the U of MN, one of my colleagues in the photojournalism program did a ride along with a pair of Minneapolis cops.

One of the two cops my fellow student chronicled with her camera was Mike Sauro, and I distinctly remember her describing her encounter with him as being extremely eye-opening.

She was shocked at the aggressive and arrogant nature of cop culture in general, and especially of the attitude of Officer Sauro, whom she...

Posted on 11/10/14 at 01:51 pm in response to The Minnesota Republican Party is back. Maybe. Or Not.

Aitkin County had the highest rate of people living on welfare among all Minnesota counties.

White, rural, Aitkin County.

But that doesn't fit the Welfare Queen script, does it?

"For all the Republican criticism, the U.S. economic recovery has been one of the strongest in the world, a fact that goes strangely unmentioned."

The Democrats did not use the message of the improved economy uner President Obama AT ALL.

Very frustrating.

There was also a HUGE decline in the youth vote in yesterday's election:...

Another in a long line of Mr. Swift's uncanny election predictions.

Why, I wonder, hasn't President Romney hired this intellectual powerhouse to work as a White House strategist?

Posted on 10/29/14 at 07:57 am in response to Minnesota county attorneys not happy about GOP mailer

His motivations were grand, and as soon as he got his child inside the house, his child was no longer in danger.

Then he stupidly picked up his gun instead of the phone, and endangered public safety.

No excuses for doing that at all.

Posted on 10/17/14 at 06:32 am in response to Minnesota sees huge increase in absentee voting under 'no excuse' law

Mark Peterson only mentions in passing the cover up by bishops, while focusing almost exclusively on the 4 out of 100 figure that he gets from the John Jay Report.

And of course, the cover up is such a huge part of the scandal, and continues to this day, allowing priests to continue to abuse young children.

How about some more examination of THAT, Mark?