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Tim Walker

St. Paul, MN
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Posted on 06/09/14 at 07:12 am in response to Five dead, 28 injured on motorcycles — in one week

1. "I object to using specious anecdotes to provide fodder to those that do."

2. "Helmets are absolutely helpful as long as you do not become airborne ..."

Statement #2, is false.

And your example of 20 years ago where you managed to survive dropping your motorcycle without going airborne is a specious anecdote attempting to prove statement #2, which, as I noted, is false.

Do you ever wonder why these "paramilitary forces from virtually every ABC department armed to the teeth with MRAPs, machine guns, body armor, and full camouflage uniforms" are outfitted that way?

Maybe it's because in this land of the 2nd Amendment, they know that there is a great likelihood that the perp they are trying to capture has, at the very least, a handgun -- and may also have an arsenal of weapons equal or greater to their own?

As the Cold War taught us, arms races...

Posted on 06/06/14 at 10:20 am in response to Medtronic second only to Wal-Mart in use of overseas tax havens

From a CNNMoney report, that gave context to the May job numbers released today (spoiler alert, they went up ... again):

"It took two years to wipe out 8.7 million American jobs but more than four years to gain them all back.
That's according to the Department of Labor's latest jobs report, which shows the U.S. economy added 217,000 jobs in May. With that job growth, there are now more jobs in the country than ever before."


Posted on 06/02/14 at 11:22 am in response to ‘V’ for victory and Venus: Taxman calls off audit, artists celebrate

Let's hope that the MN Dept. of Revenue doesn't go down this path of folly ever again.

Not just for these two, but for every legitimate artist (and they're all legitimate).

I'll pick predictability.

The predictable, good stewardship of the government by the DFL, thanks.

Posted on 05/08/14 at 07:09 am in response to Seifert's TV ad is 2014 gubernatorial race's first

Or did it conveniently omit the events described here?

The relevant portions:

Things really got personal when Seifert, the House minority...

Posted on 05/08/14 at 08:00 am in response to You bought the stadium, corporations will pay Super Bowl bid

Greg, I didn't read the full article online (it costs $30 to access it from the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior website), but I'm sure your beef about correlation and causation lies with the journalists who sloppily reported the research findings and not with the researchers.

In my job, I read a lot of articles in medical journals, and it is the very rare article reporting on correlations and associations among two or more variables that does *not* include the caveat that...

Posted on 05/08/14 at 09:55 am in response to You bought the stadium, corporations will pay Super Bowl bid

Err ...

What I meant to write:

It certainly is the case that the researchers on this study MAY HAVE neglected to mention that fact, and MAY indeed HAVE overstated what their correlation means. But I doubt it.

Posted on 05/07/14 at 07:15 am in response to McFadden responds to Franken's first 2014 TV ad

And people who want freedom from:

* Chemicals in their drinking water
* Polluted air
* Exploding derailed trains
* Leaking oil pipelines and oil tankers
* Untested medicines with unknown side effects
* Vehicle defects that will kill them
* Etc., etc. ...

THEY will agree with David's point, not McFadden's point.

Whose side are YOU on?

Posted on 04/08/14 at 07:55 am in response to DFLers minimum-wage deal: raises, indexing, delays, caps, overrides

Just one of the scare tactics (which thankfully failed) trotted out by businesses is this one: In Tuesday's Pioneer Press, a spokeswoman for the grocer's association claimed that retail grocers operate on a 1% profit margin.

What rot. No, strike that, what a total, bald-faced, straight-up lie.