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Tim Walker

St. Paul, MN
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"We should be able to talk about Christ in politics, because it’s how everybody was raised.”

Pure ignorance on display, right alongside the tinsel and stockings!

Posted on 11/25/13 at 11:20 am in response to Scott Walker's Wisconsin vs. Dayton's Minnesota: Which is doing better?

Pretty damning facts, I'd say.

I'd also say that I'm proud to be a Minnesotan.

I'm sure this will be a topic of conversation over the Thanksgiving holiday when I return to my family home in Madison in a couple of days!

Posted on 11/26/13 at 09:56 am in response to Scott Walker's Wisconsin vs. Dayton's Minnesota: Which is doing better?

That describes me to a T: I'm also a long-time former resident of Wisconsin.

And I also had the same incredulous reaction to hearing that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel was liberal!

Posted on 11/25/13 at 12:03 pm in response to DFL, Minnesotans United join forces in key legislative races

A marriage made in heaven!

I won't give them any more money, and I will respond to all solicitations from the Alumni Association with the reason why they got no money from me.

I urge others to do the same.

Amen, Greg.

I wonder if any journalists will ask Seifert to explain his racism, as detailed here:

The relevant portion:

Things really...

Posted on 11/22/13 at 08:53 am in response to Klobuchar, Franken pleased with Senate filibuster overhaul

Mr. Tester: Why did President Romney allow this to happen?


Oh, wait, Mitt Romney isn't president.

I was confused for a bit, because you were absolutely sure that Mitt would win last year.

But I'm sure your prediction of a Cruz victory in 2014 will be 100% right this time!

Posted on 11/19/13 at 02:11 pm in response to Stupid poll result and a profound and funny comment by Rudy Boschwitz

The Romney campaign finally gets a break!

I'll bet they are smelling victory right now!

Posted on 11/14/13 at 05:00 pm in response to Minneapolis police officer cleared in fatal motorcycle-squad car crash

The squad car video, taken by the dash cam of the cop car following Officer Young's vehicle, is quite revealing and demonstrate to me that the Minneapolis Police Department's investigation reached the right conclusion.

My sympathies go out to the motorcyclist's family. He made a mistake, several really, and sadly, they were fatal for him.

Posted on 11/14/13 at 10:41 am in response to MNsure deductibles highest in 15 states


Do you always jump to such sweeping conclusions based on just one or two data points?

P.S. Most liberals I know drive a Prius or VW Beetle.