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Tim Brummer

Lompoc, California
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BS Beth, Jose was not FORCED to commit numerous felonies to work in the USA, he chose to do it so he could take a job from an American rather than return to the Philippines. Give Jose your job and go on unemployment, then let us know if you still feel the same way.


Jose didn't begin his life of crime until age 18 when he became liable for his illegal status. At that time he could have easily flown back to the Philippines, for free even if he turned himself over to ICE.

Actually he probably could have flown back at age 12 and stayed with relatives if his parents had allowed it but it's not required to do so by law until age 18. Unaccompanied minors fly all the time.

Is perpetrated by our corrupted government which promotes illegal immigration by rewarding it. This is unjust to law abiding Americans and legal immigrants. Elect a non-corrupt government that will enforce the laws evenly and fairly to end this injustice.

America is based upon the rule of law and nothing else, without it we cease to be a nation.

The documentation as you put it is the only thing that makes someone an American and nothing else, not race, nor language, nor heritage, nor education, nor work ability.

Also the US was not founded by immigrants, it was founded by British citizens born in British America. None of the founding fathers was an immigrant.

You get to the Philippines the same way you get here, by jet airliner. Minors travel unaccompanied all the time, although Jose was not breaking any laws until he turned 18 when he because responsible for his illegal status. He could have returned then on his own but decided instead to begin a life of crime in the USA.