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Posted on 01/22/13 at 03:16 pm in response to Obama stops begging for bipartisan compromise — finally

Paul: I think the majorty of people agree with you. They want a big government and the President will gladly give it to them. I am concerned how we pay for this expansion of government. Or is this concern about debt overblown?

Posted on 11/16/12 at 12:55 pm in response to A tortured defense of the Wolves' Derrick Williams

Good article, Britt. I'm rooting for him, but I'm coming around to the idea that Derrick will never live up to the #2 pick. My concern is that his simply isn't an instictive player. He's too mechanical, and doesn't have an innate feel for the game. He the kind of player who looks great in warmups but once the game starts, he leaves us wanting more. If he had even 10% of Kirilenko's b-ball IQ, he'd be a beast. But, he is who he is....

Posted on 11/06/12 at 11:07 am in response to Timberwolves off to a scrappy, successful start

Appreciate your insight, Britt. I'm not too concerned with Roy yet. Need to give him 15 games to get his game legs back. Best thing so far is not seeing Wes, Darko, and Beasley wasting minutes. We actually have professionals on the roster who know how to play the game.

Posted on 09/19/11 at 11:16 am in response to Union Depot project: Another development flop in St. Paul?

..."100 year projects"...? Really? so we must suspend any analysis or criticism until the next century? How convenient.

One question - what "incredible odds" is RT talking about? This is a President who had a Democratic house and Senate the first two years of his presidency! He held ALL the cards! Unbelievable....

Posted on 08/09/11 at 11:20 am in response to The market meltdown and the hopeless politics of 2011

I'm always fascinated when i read the opinion that the problem with the stimulus is that is simply wasn't big enough. Akin to pouring gasoline on a burning house and when it flames up, someone yells, ..."you fools! It's not working! we need MORE gasoline..."

where will it end? 2 cents for a stadium; a penny for this, a penny for that. once you turn on the faucet, drip, drip drip....

Posted on 05/17/11 at 01:59 pm in response to Ted Mondale touts Vikings stadium's economic importance to region

I'm sure post MinnPost readers will disagree with me, but here's what I found sad - when Mondale said government investment is the key to economic growth...

Posted on 05/16/11 at 12:00 pm in response to Vikings stadium expects to seek exemption from Met Council review

The only poin I'll make is to look at the other projects that were previously exempted - Metrodome, Xcel Energy Center, Canterbury Park, Target Field and TCF Bank Stadium. It's not like the Vikings are breaking new ground with this strategy. By similar definition, all of these projects should have been reviewed and subsequently rejected.

Posted on 04/12/11 at 02:57 pm in response to What if Lincoln had allowed the South to secede?

Of course, we wouldn't have to worry about being the "world's policeman" since Hitler would have probably won the war. Also, who knows what the Soviet Union would now be with no USA to slow them. Frankly, I'm glad we are one union!