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Todd Hintz

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Count me in--I just have to chat with my wife to make sure it won't negatively affect the finances. No problems are anticipated, but it's best to discuss the checkbook first before making large expenditures.

Great, yet another billionaire who wants to be subsidized because...he doesn't already have enough money.

Who needs The Onion when you have real life to tap into?

A buddy and I are already talking about making a trip to Cuba in the next couple of years. We want to see the place before all the investors swoop in and change the landscape with exclusive resorts like Cancun. It would be cool to see the place as it is now, plus find a guide and do tours of the USS Maine site, Bay of Pigs, and San Juan Hill. It's time to take in a little history before it gets buried underneath a Club Med with a bronze plaque by the door that says "on this site..."

I thought the USS Maine was in relatively shallow water. I recall seeing photos of it not long after it blew up and I thought it had a coffer dam around it.

This site says the wreck was raised and moved to deep water so the harbor was clear.

Posted on 12/17/14 at 02:36 pm in response to Post-Obamacare, Minnesota uninsured rate drops to 6.7%

I thought the GOP was getting their financial house in order, wooing back donors who had left them for more effective charities. Now we find they're a whopping $1.5 million in debt and digging deeper all the time!

And this is the party of fiscal responsibility? I see they've got the fiscal part down pat, but where's the second item?

Posted on 12/17/14 at 10:31 am in response to A tale of three Reubens

I have to confess that the Reuben doesn't even show up on my radar as a sandwich to try, let alone worship. The ingredient list doesn't sound appealing and I don't recall ever having tried one in my fifty-plus years on this planet. It sounds like it's a heart attack waiting to happen.

Now if you want to talk about the perfect BLT, I'm your man!

Posted on 12/17/14 at 11:44 am in response to 45th parallel: Markers make note of this Minneapolis distinction

One marker says the pole and equator is 3102 miles away and the other says they're 3109 miles away. There's another little piece of the story there that needs to be told.

Posted on 12/17/14 at 11:58 am in response to The end of Vladimir Putin?

You hit the nail on the head. Putin won't care about the little guys, the general Russian populace, as they'll simply be a detail for security forces to handle. The real problem for Putin will come from his allies, who won't be happy that they're losing money. Arrest and kill a few protestors? No big deal. But take money from their pocket and now you've become the beneficiary of their ire!

Oil is currently running at $55/barrel and OPEC wants to drive it down to $40/barrel, at...

I wonder what the Republican's reasoning is for blocking or slowing down light rail expansion. If anything, we should be kicking expansion into high gear by enacting a larger metro-wide transit tax. Currently it sits at ¼¢, whereas other bastions of communist thought like Dallas and Utah leverage a 1¢ to 1 ¼¢ tax to fund their systems.

And the results are striking. They can fund several new lines at once, whereas we feel fortunate to get one line out every ten years or so. If...

I just swallowed my pen while reading your post.

You think MORE ROADS are the solution to our traffic situation? Even Dallas has realized that highways can't keep up with all the demand, so they're throwing in a massive light rail system. The problem with more roads is it requires tearing down more houses and businesses, making larger bridges, larger feeder roads, more maintenance crews, and on and on. Trains, on the other hand, have a lot of capacity. You need more places for...