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Todd Hintz

St. Louis Park, MN
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Posted on 04/16/14 at 12:22 pm in response to New owner Glen Taylor: less liberal Star Tribune ahead

I used to be a longtime subscriber of the Strib until they started cutting back in the '90s. I still like the feel of a large format newspaper and the in depth reporting from a well run organization that values its staff and reputation. Unfortunately the Strib hasn't been a high quality paper for a very long time.

Here's their latest program for getting subscribers. A couple of weeks ago the paper started showing up on my doorstep unannounced. I figured they were doing some free...

Posted on 04/16/14 at 02:48 pm in response to Is it all downhill (cognitively speaking) after age 24?

Sure, there are more important things in life, but most of them aren't as satisfying as beating some little punk kid on his home turf.

Posted on 04/16/14 at 02:53 pm in response to Is it all downhill (cognitively speaking) after age 24?

Sure, those little kids may have the twitch skills and cognitive abilities to react quickly to a changing situation, but I'll still beat their posteriors red and make them thank me for it. At the end of the day experience and guile will beat out youth and reaction time. I habitually beat the pants off the teenies in Age of Empires, a RTS (real time strategy) game very similar to StarCraft. Every now and then I'll meet some young gun slinger who who wants to take on the big dawg, but he's...

Posted on 04/15/14 at 12:30 pm in response to Minimum-wage raise is final

Republicans always say about how they're for the little guy, but when it comes down to putting some rubber on the road they resist at every turn of the page. Thankfully we have some sensible people in government who are willing to help out the people who need it the most.

Posted on 04/15/14 at 04:40 pm in response to Wisconsin Republicans put the S-word on the table

It seems the Wisconsin Republicans are very un-American. They need to go back to the drawing table and find a better solutions to problems than the one they're currently proposing.

Posted on 04/14/14 at 04:27 pm in response to As Internet advertising booms, watch out for mobile

I run a script blocker on my boxes that prevents most ads from popping up. For sites like Pandora I simply have a mute button on the keyboard that quickly gets hit to tune them out.

What I would really like to see eliminated in the advertising realm are billboards. Those things are a pox on the landscape, nothing but mile after mile of visual pollution. The billboard companies would scream bloody murder, but I wouldn't shed a tear if they were outright banned.

Posted on 04/14/14 at 04:44 pm in response to 3M's new cooling tech could cut data-center energy use 95 percent

To be clear, 3M isn't so much interested in saving clients energy as selling them a new product that happens to save energy.

Now if we can only get more conservatives (and liberals) to conserve, maybe we would be able to conserve the planet for future generations.

Posted on 04/11/14 at 08:37 pm in response to Language use and misuse: 'Evolving' is one thing ...

Sadly, count me as one of the people who have given up. I tend to focus on punctuation rather than the nuances of words, but even that's a hopeless cause. People simply can't tell where to put a comma or an apostrophe and usually end up getting it wrong not just now and then, but all the time.

Yesterday I received an email from a company president who wants to get my business. In the span of six sentences of a short email I counted no less than eight grammatical errors. For a...

Posted on 04/11/14 at 11:52 am in response to A plan to stitch Minneapolis together again: Cover a stretch of I-35W

I like Marlys' pragmatic outlook on these proposals. It looks like the "lid" will be a welcome addition to the area, but whether or not anyone builds there remains to be seen. I believe the one thing that will spur new construction beyond "those guys standing over there" is the fact that this will be a new park. And people love to be near green space rather than a freeway.

Hopefully it'll get built, be successful, and we'll see a lot more of these projects. It sure beats the hell...

Posted on 04/13/14 at 09:31 pm in response to A plan to stitch Minneapolis together again: Cover a stretch of I-35W

I'm having a hard time figuring out why we can do a project like this or repair our roads. Why is it an either/or proposition? I realize funds are always tight these days, but my philosophy on life isn't to treat a road block as a reason to stop, but rather to find a way through, under, over, or around it.

Where there's a will, there's a way.