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Tom Anderson

Coon Rapids, MN
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Posted on 10/16/14 at 09:32 pm in response to Pork industry should stop defending indefensible practices

And I still am not sure how dogs belong in a discussion about hog mentality. Perhaps some other reader could enlighten me and provide us all with the scientific studies showing the mental effects of confinement on hogs.

Posted on 10/15/14 at 06:10 pm in response to Minneapolis should skip streetcars

"cars are also 19th century technology"

Electric and hydrogen cell versions? It is true that both electricity and hydrogen were available back then, but could they beat your horse to work?

Posted on 10/09/14 at 08:25 pm in response to Dayton likes infrastructure tax, Chamber of Commerce not so much

"if the "Chamber of Commerce" is opposed to it, it's absolutely a good thing for us REGULAR folks and needs to happen,..."

By raising the gas tax a measly $1.00 a gallon, we'll only be paying $4.00 per gallon which will fund further transit projects and bikeways and hardly notice the difference when other people fill their tanks. If only the President would do the same and raise the Federal gas tax by a measly dollar those other people will still only be paying $5.00 per gallon, very...

Posted on 10/09/14 at 08:32 pm in response to Job vacancies in Minnesota hit 13-year high in second quarter

"Health care and social assistance had the most vacancies (19.3 percent of the total), followed by retail trade (14.8 percent), accommodation and food services (12.4 percent), manufacturing (8.2 percent) and educational services (8.1 percent)."

Seems like a person could apply for most of these with a high school degree unless "health care" includes doctors and nurses and "educational services" includes teachers. It seems like things are looking up although the median wage is down...

We had a Secretary of State who spent every day trying to get more people registered to vote, make them aware of their polling places, did their best to make polling places more efficient including absentee voting, and made sure that registration rolls were updated and checked regularly. Every. Day.

Posted on 10/09/14 at 08:15 pm in response to Dayton uses debate to propose increasing gas tax

"Nevertheless, the roads & bridges need to be patched up.
We can’t wait for a 2nd collapse before we move forward on it."

The present State administration has had four years and not significantly addressed the problem. Time for hope and change!

Posted on 10/09/14 at 08:45 pm in response to What I wish people knew about pig farming

If so, why is it ideal to pack as many humans as possible into our downtown urban areas where we are all close to everything since most of the housing goes straight up, nobody has a yard, but a bus or train arrives at our doorstep to take us a few blocks to work, the theater, or our nearest bike trail?

Posted on 10/09/14 at 08:46 pm in response to What I wish people knew about pig farming

And what happens to humans in the same conditions?

Posted on 10/06/14 at 07:01 pm in response to Wealthiest giving less to charity

As "tax the rich" was implemented by both the State and Federal government, the rich then had less money and one of the first "cuts" made by them was the amount given to charity. This is certainly no surprise and some charities worried about this exact thing happening. These same charities also are worried about a cap on the charitable deductions that will also reduce the amount that they will receive from many donors.

Planned Parenthood stands to lose a lot of money if women don't have to go through them to purchase their birth control.

If birth control pills aren't one of the most studied and safe options for birth control, why are they promoted so much by organizations like--Planned Parenthood?