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Tom Anderson

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I didn't call anyone a villain. I did suggest that "hero" might not be the best description of these two individuals.

The records from the hospital pertaining to the swollen eye injury have not been released yet. The grand jury will get the information at which point the facts will be known. The officer apparently suffered facial injuries delivered by Mr. Brown but the full extent of those injuries has not been confirmed.
My sources were various news organizations and newspapers that I'm sure that you read too in the first few days after the beating/shooting. Waiting for all the facts to come out...

"why has there not been a louder outcry against the intrusive presence of the military into what we have now come to call “the Homeland”?

It is because we don't mind.

Looking at the campaign literature from my local representatives from two years ago, there is no mention of allowing same sex marriage and creating new anti-bullying laws. How much do you want to bet that more of the same will happen when the DFL retains it's stranglehold on the State for the next 2-4 years?

"Just stay out of my values and fix the roads."

Instead, we got same sex marriage and anti-bullying laws. The same bridges that were failing 4 years ago are still unrepaired. Time for a change.

Probably because they are in the minority. As more citizens accept abortion, children born out of wedlock, drug use, multiple sex partners (of either sex), disregard for authority, etc. Christians have become merely the butt of jokes and objects of scorn labelled as bigots. Their political influence will continue to fade even as they plod along trying to live as Jesus asked them to.

that we are billions behind in transportation funding, just to keep up with what we have. Because nothing has been done to fix that problem over the last four years despite the massive tax increases that gave the State a surplus that is being spent on everything but transportation and infrastructure. (Local municipalities are an exception in many cases as they took the money given to them by the State for tax relief and spent it fixing their roads)
I think that everyone benefits from...

See suburbs of St. Louis.

"Minnesota primary voters on Tuesday sent an incumbent Minneapolis Democrat to a 22rd term in the state House"

One, I have no idea what a 22rd is, and two, I thought that this was a primary election. I realize that a DFLer is lock for this seat, but who could call this responsible journalism? With three authors no less?

And what sort of person points out that a primary win doesn't send a person to the Minnesota Legislature?