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Tom Anderson

Coon Rapids, MN
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"Minnpost readers expect fact-checked, unbiased reporting". I'd like to think that most readers are aware of the regular bias and certainly nobody expects that MinnPost will go through a submitted column and make notations as to what writing is factual and what isn't. Wouldn't that be an exciting read!

Is it really that big a problem?

Posted on 07/18/14 at 11:18 pm in response to Dismissing the cost of doing business in Minnesota will be at our peril

"We have a mediocre executive class comprised of degreed but uneducated executives. These people take jobs in companies someone else built and get paid huge salaries just to be there until they do something to get themselves fired; then collect a pile money on the way out"

The comments above complain about no facts and figures, but say what they want to hear and not a peep!

Posted on 07/18/14 at 11:23 pm in response to Dismissing the cost of doing business in Minnesota will be at our peril

Bringing the total for the year to around 10,700.

Posted on 07/16/14 at 07:10 pm in response to Minnesota resorting to 'nickel and dime' gimmicks to fund road work

A case where people have actually been charged with a crime!

Posted on 07/18/14 at 11:06 pm in response to For some Minnesotans, property taxes are headed down

“Minnesota property taxes will go down about $49 million for residents who qualify for state aids and credits this year"

And how many people is that?

It is safe enough at only 1.4%

Posted on 07/14/14 at 05:35 pm in response to Whatever happened to the gay-marriage backlash?

I've also noticed that my Representative is touting many accomplishments from the past two years, but supporting gay marriage isn't mentioned at all. Nor the raised taxes on businesses that had to be repealed or the anti-bullying law.

Who ever came up with the thought of "liberal elites" wasn't too far off the mark. All of us racists are too poor to afford smartphones...

When the Archbishop requests an investigation of himself and as of this date, there are still no charges, the constant headlining of non-stories certainly must come to an end.

As an aside, it is probably too early to mention that the ACA has not dropped abortions to zero.