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Tom Christensen

New Hope, MN
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The career politicians have so much baggage that they become unable to do anything but block. They can't work with anyone and they won't give on anything because they are so indebted to the big money. Which vote has the most impact with politicians, the money vote or the voting booth vote? It is obvious and not a good answer. Why would the politicians want to give up a $200,000+ yearly income for doing nothing? How can we get them to legislate against themselves? Many voters only use...

Posted on 01/07/15 at 01:16 pm in response to The case for Joe Mauer

Joe is able to make his own numbers good but put a man on base and it's a different story. Joe can't be counted on. I believe he led the team in hitting into double plays last season. It is beyond me why a guy that is 6' 5" tall basically can only hit infield singles. The batting coach needs to find some power in there somewhere. Mr. Schletzer is right Joe's salary has starve the Twin's finances. Baseball is a nine man sport and when you don't have the funds to pay but one player, your...

It seems as simple as re-learning the word compromise, and also stopping the poison pill legislation process. It's not like we are that far apart on issues. It can't be the my way or the highway negotiating. The politicians have a choice to either move the state forward or live with the effects of gridlock and gridlock won't look good in the history books.

Posted on 12/11/14 at 09:45 am in response to GOP takeover of Minnesota House part of national wave

Now they have the hard part to overcome their reputation of the party of NO. Can they govern? There will be an internal Republican war for the next two years as they try to find someone who can actually lead. The public has not been given any proof they can govern. The proof will be in the pudding. It is one thing to win an election and another to actually accomplish anything of meaning. The last time they had control they worked their social issues and left us $6,000,000,000 in debt...

Posted on 12/11/14 at 02:34 pm in response to GOP takeover of Minnesota House part of national wave

Six years ago the GOP started out with their only goal being that President Obama would only be a one term president. They failed. The GOP dominated the congress with filibuster after filibuster and a my way or the highway approach to negotiations. They were against what they were previously for because political grandstanding was far more important to them than moving the country forward. Without any real party leadership the only way they could protect themselves was just say NO. The...

Posted on 12/08/14 at 08:08 am in response to GOP leader says State High School League needs legislative oversight

Wisconsin has a Republican Gov. on a presidential run-up just like Pawlenty was. When that happens the citizens have to pay an extreme price. In our case $6,000,000,000 of deficient so Pawlenty could look presidential. Look out Wisconsin. It must be our high taxes and regulations that caused us to come in 5th. Apparently Wisconsin has less taxes and burdensome regulations causing them to come in 29th. Another hole shot in the Republican myth pool.

Posted on 12/05/14 at 02:03 pm in response to Michele Bachmann’s last stand

the rest of the conservatives are happy to see her exit as well. Tiny little bit by tiny little bit we are getting back to some degree of conservative sensibility. Trent Lott, unfortunately no longer in office, even suggested the two parties start to negotiate again, like they used to. Not sure why they see the light only after they leave office.

Posted on 12/06/14 at 09:25 am in response to Michele Bachmann’s last stand

The voters decided that for her. She'll forever be in search of a spot light.

I would love to see your suggestion come to be but how do we get there?

Currently elections are not about ideas anymore, they are strictly about negative ads, platitudes and political claptrap. November 4th was an off year election and the 2016 election officially started Wednesday November 5th. Politicians are running 24/7, 365 days a year, not based on their accomplishments, because many have none, but based on what their puppeteers want them to be saying and doing. On the flip...

Posted on 11/24/14 at 10:31 am in response to Minnesota's revenue growth 'far out-paced' most of the nation

recently rated Minnesota 5th best in the nation for their business climate. Wisconsin was rate 32nd. Lookout Wisconsin Walker is likely to make a presidential run. So he can look presidential you are about to go on a crazy ride ala Tim Pawlenty. Pawlenty stole from the educational funds so he could balance the budget and ultimately left the state $6,000,000,000 in debt. Mr. Pawlenty didn't even want to live in the mess he created so he left the state. So much for effective rational...