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Tom Christensen

New Hope, MN
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Posted on 10/27/14 at 07:11 am in response to Sparks fly in Franken-McFadden debate

The moderators did a poor job of controlling the format. Franken is a very poor debater and McFadden doesn't know how to wait his turn. Neither side won any points. Pretty much a free for all waste of time.

Posted on 10/27/14 at 01:23 pm in response to Sparks fly in Franken-McFadden debate

it is the same group distrusting the experts at the CDC that are totally distrusting of the scientists that are trying to warn us about global warning. For some reason the GOP's sky is always falling unless it is something real, then it is time to deny it.

Posted on 10/25/14 at 05:07 pm in response to U of M moving toward 'cost of attendance' for athletes

He contains no new ideas, just warmed over GOP bulloney. It is amazing how many promise, I'll be accessible, no new taxes, they'll visit the state corner to corner, they will only be a one term office holder, their decisions will help everyone, etc, etc. Some get the job and then the wavering starts because they had no idea what the job was like, or the world environment changed, or magically they need the tax money to keep their dreaded government running. "I'll be accessible", needs to...

Posted on 10/22/14 at 06:01 pm in response to The dirty secret behind attack ads

Politician count on the fact most voters don't get informed. All they want you to remember is just one negative comment about their opponent. Just enough info to take into the voting booth and vote for the one they dislike the least. By election day voters have OD on politics. As soon as one election is completed the next election starts. There isn't anytime to get work done, i.e. the US congress.

Posted on 10/22/14 at 06:30 am in response to KSTP/Survey USA poll: with two weeks to go, Franken up by 15 points

the Republican's will start to put up real candidates that are qualified rather than ones who don't have any answers.

When his main vote, in the Republican tradition, is "NO" it appears he is afraid to step out side the tea party Republican box. Common sense doesn't reside in the Republican Party when every answer is "NO". The Republican "NO" answer comes from the fact the Republicans don't have a leader who can lead and apparently Mr. Johnson can't lead either.

Posted on 10/20/14 at 09:43 am in response to What we haven't heard from Mark Dayton and Jeff Johnson

Johnson said there are a lot of moderate Republicans around Minnesota. There has to be moderates out there because they have been kicked to the curb by the tea party for over 8 years. Moderation is not yet allowed in the Republican Party. Extremism reins in the Republican Party that now only serves a very special few.

Posted on 10/20/14 at 02:11 pm in response to What we haven't heard from Mark Dayton and Jeff Johnson

I think it is his attempt at trying to sound moderate. I don't consider him a moderate either. He can't seek tea party support and be moderate nor can he go all Scott Walker and be a moderate either. It is typical Republican speak. Say one thing and mean the exact opposite.

Posted on 10/08/14 at 07:25 am in response to Bill Maher visits Northfield as part of 'flip' effort

Thank you for helping Mr. Mills clarify who he is aligned with. It is hard to deny, when he gets endorsed by the tea party, that he is not a tea partyer. I guess Mr. Mills doesn't realize that his positions are way out in the fringe of the far right where the tea party resides. Political zealots will never work for the good of everyone, only that special few. Unless your candidate is willing to work in a balanced manner nothing will change in Washington, which is awash in political...

Political zealots appear to voters as cartoon characters, but that is what we are offered as voters. It used to be a piece of legislation would be worked on by both party's if it needed fixing. Now the only solution one side can come up with is repeal. Repeal without any alternative other than we are working on it. Vote for me and I will tell you what I actually stand for is the GOP stance. The GOP is nothing but hollow promises. Straying from their talking points means being drummed...