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Tom Christensen

New Hope, MN
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From now until the Republican primary will be the free for all where each Republican candidate will be required to do the obligatory political dance to prove why the other person isn't qualified to be the Republican candidate. In most cases they will be right. Their main problem will be to find out what the other person is for, as we all know what they are against. The list of what each is for will be short and pointless because it will be based on the failed talking points of a broken...

to see if the Republicans can get any answers, any at all, out of the candidates their own candidates? I suspect it will be more evasive, no content, answers. The kind that leave you wondering what the heck did they say or what did they mean? It will also be interesting to see if Minnesotan's want more social engineering and can kicking done by the Republicans or do they want more real progress. My guess is there will be another election lost by the Republicans in November.

Posted on 05/22/14 at 10:02 am in response to Public tab for Minnesota's Super Bowl will be kept secret

half to population hollers from the tallest roof tops the taxes are too high, do you get the feeling the wealthy are the reason the taxes are too high. The entire sports industry is majorly out of control and those of us not interested in a Super Bowl shouldn't have to be paying part of the price. There should be an event ticket tax to cover whatever the wealthy want to accomplish. When the wealthy are involved there is always secrecy and special dispensation. Pohlad didn't want the...

Posted on 05/21/14 at 10:53 pm in response to Pro-stadium politicians bask in Minnesota's Super Bowl win

The public paid for the majority of the stadium. Just as an example the stadium might be called the "Original Mattress Factory Stadium" if they put up enough money to name the darn thing. The Republicans holler and scream our taxes are too high. So now, I presume the NFL owners are mostly Republicans, they want a tax break so there will be more money for attendees to buy their meaningless mementos rather than making some money for the state, through tax money, that would help lowers our...

Posted on 05/07/14 at 06:54 pm in response to You bought the stadium, corporations will pay Super Bowl bid

The conservative mantra is the "taxes are too high", but when it comes to the wealthy making out it is okay to give a tax break so the wealthy can check off Super Bowl from their bucket list. There isn't one piece of data, that wasn't been generated by the NFL, that says a Super Bowl does anyone but the wealthy any good. Super bowl, the over hyped event where two teams show up, but usually only one team is ready to play, which makes for a very boring event. John Q. Public paid for most of...

Posted on 04/29/14 at 03:17 pm in response to Poll: Dayton and Franken 'well ahead' of GOP challengers

Then you will see why Dayton and Franken have a cash advantage. The Republicans keep offering political extremists, the unfulfilled promise of brand change, tired failure based talking points, and candidates that won't state their positions. Their war on women, minorities, and common sense continues. Republicans have voted 50 times to repeal Obamacare so obviously we can't trust what they say as they have even failed at achieving their own self proclaimed number one goal. They continue to...

Posted on 04/30/14 at 07:32 am in response to Poll: Dayton and Franken 'well ahead' of GOP challengers

Hold onto your dream as long as you want. It will be another Republican dream gone awry. You can fool some of the voters some of the time, but you can't fool enough voters to make your dream come true.

Posted on 04/25/14 at 12:32 pm in response to Lack of indoor pool a 'civil rights struggle'?

If medical marijuana has proven benefits it should be approved. If recreational marijuana is approved at some point Minnesota will never smell the same. It will have the putrid odor of marijuana. We have enough ways to kill each other on the highways without legalizing marijuana. Just because it generates revenue it is not a rational to ever approve it for recreational use.

Posted on 04/21/14 at 04:21 pm in response to Legislators openly miffed at cops on pot debate

Then you will see why Dayton has a cash advantage. The Republicans keep offering political extremists, no brand change, tired talking points, and candidates that won't state their positions. Nothing to vote for, only against. They continue as the party of NO. Now the voters feel the same way about the Republicans, Absolutely NO!

Posted on 04/20/14 at 03:47 pm in response to Recreational marijuana supporters plan Capitol rally Wednesday

Wherever recreational marijuana is approved it will stink inside, outside, and wherever you go. Just because it will generate revenue is not a rational reason to make the Big Stink legal. We already have enough way to get addicted without bothering everyone else in the process.