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Tom Christensen

New Hope, MN
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Posted on 04/17/14 at 11:17 am in response to McFadden’s first attack ad lacks substance, but it could work

Beyond failed talking points - NOTHING. We can still mark the GOP's effort to change their brand as no progress.

Another hollowed out Republican. Beyond talking points there is nothing.

Posted on 04/10/14 at 12:57 pm in response to For Minnesota's maxed-out donors, court ruling gives new leeway

Just wait it is going to get worse. There are two kinds of votes in America. The one at the ballot box and the one from the checkbook. Don't think the large amounts from the checkbooks don't have major strings attached. If you thought we have corruption now, just wait it is going to get worse. The endless chasing of the money is one reason they don't get anything done. One election ends and the very next day the next election starts. Common sense has been beaten out of the process...

Posted on 04/10/14 at 07:59 pm in response to For Minnesota's maxed-out donors, court ruling gives new leeway

The unions are trying to do good for MANY. The likes of the Koch brother are trying to good for THEMSELVES. Huge difference.

Posted on 04/09/14 at 05:47 pm in response to House DFL pushing women's pay and workplace protection

Didn't all restaurants fall on bad times and go out of business, as the Republicans claimed, when smoking wasn't allowed inside the facility. I guess smoker have to eat too. Now a raise in a hamburger price is going to send me to a neighboring state. It's going to take Minnesotan's twenty buck round trip to North or South Dakota, five dollars to Iowa or Wisconsin, to save a dollar on a hamburger. I predict they won't be going. Given the oil boom in North Dakota hamburger prices are...

Posted on 04/04/14 at 05:25 pm in response to Ortman marches to the right with endorsements, positions

How about that, Citizens United is right. Minnesotan's deserve a clear choice, it just isn't Ortman. Minnesota doesn't deserve anyone from a party as regressive as the republicans. She isn't proud enough of her record to stand behind it so she has to move farther to the right so she can be more regressive. If she can't stand behind her record she doesn't deserve to be in office.

Posted on 04/03/14 at 11:13 am in response to Nienstedt deposition ends 'abruptly,' 'heatedly'

Archbishop John Nienstedt, others of the archdioceses, and Popes over the years have grossly mismanaged the handling of abuse within the church, which has resulted in public indignation, doubts cast on the safety of the church, and possible bankruptcy. Preaching the word of God is apparently different than living the word of God.

It was nothing more that a session of Republican buzz words, Republican talking points, and of course there were no suggestions of how to fix that which they say is wrong. The Republicans are a hollow party. They are working off of Republican policies that have a long history of failure. I do prefer the Republican waste their money trying to remove Senator Franken and Governor Dayton. We know how fiscally responsible the Republicans are so to them this is a good expenditure, albeit it...

Posted on 04/02/14 at 08:47 am in response to Reaction to Glen Taylor's bid for the Star Tribune

It is ludicrous to entertain the idea of giving the NFL tax breaks to get a super bowl in Minneapolis. There are only a few winners when it comes to who makes out with a super bowl and it isn't the general public, it is the already wealthy. There is absolutely no proof a super bowl is a benefit to society. It takes tax money to run a country, state, and or a city. It is an opportunity to help our tax base and help keep taxes lower for the rest of us. Super bowl ticket prices will will...

Posted on 03/13/14 at 09:03 am in response to Survey finds 22% fewer households shopped at Target

It is time to get the NFL hogs to get out of the public pockets. The NFL is a group of very private companies and they should be required to manage their businesses just like any other businesses and live within its means. If they can't do that it is time for them to fold. Their out of bounds salary structure and unmitigated greed cause them to needlessly be looking for public assistance. They got the stadium they just had to have for a very mediocre team They have put ticket prices out...