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Posted on 11/27/13 at 12:43 pm in response to Exploring a Carver County ghost town: San Francisco, Minn.

San Francisco Township was a participant in an historic Minnesota political event. In 1978 I was an Independent-Republican candidate for the Minnesota House of Representatives in a district comprised of most of Scott County and San Francisco Township in Carver County, It was my first foray into elective politics against a two term DFL State Representative who the Minneapolis newspaper called "Kennedyesque." I won by 41 votes after the recount losing in Scott County but making up the vote...

Posted on 05/24/13 at 04:38 pm in response to Let's find a way to preserve Anoka's historic mental-health facility

It was about fifty years ago I visited the facility as a high school student. I still can see the visions of the people housed there. My parents operated a nursing home and I can tell you that the care level of a nursing home versus what I can still see in my minds eye is disheartening at best.

Posted on 04/23/13 at 03:39 pm in response to GOP: Increased school funding means Big Government

The quote from Representative Woodard includes the following:
"I think that's what frustrates Minnesota taxpayers when they see all these additional task forces and all the unique little niche things they try to address," Woodard said. "They spend a lot of money, send a report, the report goes nowhere..." I am amazed that a second term legislator doesn't know where these task forces send their reports: to LEGISLATORS! Now if Representative Woodard chooses not to read these reports...

Posted on 03/13/13 at 04:57 pm in response to Norm Coleman: 'Minnesotans are not anti-government'

Apparently former DFLer, Senator Norm Coleman, believes help from government should only be for "those who can get on their feet" and work for what - current minimum wage?

Posted on 10/08/12 at 06:46 am in response to Longtime Republican legislator K.J. McDonald has died in Watertown

I had the honor of being KJ's House of Representatives seat mate for three of his seven terms. His mentoring of how to be a legislator and human being with his humor and good cheer changed my life for the better. His wife, Barb, is a very special person that complemented his humanity. His children and family were always his greatest pride of accomplishment. Good bye good friend.

Posted on 09/06/12 at 02:33 pm in response to Eleven Republican state senators fined for distributing campaign fliers

I believe the statute allows that the charge may now forwarded to the appropriate county attorney(ies) for misdemeanor prosecution now that the Office of Administrative Hearings has ruled.

Posted on 06/26/12 at 08:44 am in response to Brodkorb huddles with GOP leaders

Interesting that attorney/Senator Julianne Ortman was reportedly included in the meeting with Mr. Brodkorb. She won a stunning defamation suit in 2005 when a former legislator brought suit against local newspaper. Senator Senjem made a good choice for counsel it would seem.

Posted on 06/14/12 at 08:26 pm in response to Legal tab grows for GOP issues, scandals

The legislature could file any pertinent information with the court via amicus curiae. When I was a legislator a couple of decades ago, it cost me $500 of my own money to enlighten the Supreme Court with information they needed to know before passing judgement on a case involving the district I represented.

As a former legislator I used the amicus curiae brief as a way to effectively submit information I felt was necessary for the Supreme Court to know when deciding a case affecting my district. I would suggest that the legislators referenced in this story follow the same course. Note: I did pay for the brief from my personal funds.

Posted on 04/10/12 at 06:39 am in response to The case for more Minnesota gambling

The Canterbury Park Racino spokesperson states “we, want to benefit the horse industry with increased purses” and “Canterbury, it is a publicly owned company.” Aren’t there race tracks that make money without a slot machine subsidy? As a publicly owned company if there is potential profit for the corporation why don’t you go to the capital markets and borrow funds to increase the purses at your racetrack? By growing the purses it seems you are convinced that your profits would also grow...