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Walter Wozniak

Lakeville, MN
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Strange, but not long ago, didn't we hear Pope Francis say something to the effect that all people are God's children, and that if someone is gay, who am I to pass God's judgement onto them?
Obviously, the Archbishop's sense of who and how to judge, does not coincide with the Holy Father's.

Besides trying to make it hard for some groups of voters, who may not vote Republican to vote, they are doubling down on their efforts. Using a firm called Strategic Allied Consulting, they are conducting voter registration in 7 states in a get out the vote effort. However, registration forms are being turned in that have problems such as multiple forms with the same handwriting, wrong data about the voters, including addresses and birth dates. In 11 Florida counties, "elections supervisors...

Posted on 05/23/12 at 06:19 am in response to ALEC’s next target: state AGs who go after companies

ALEC's mentality on this is akin to a policeman having to get city council approval before he can pursue the person who just broke into your house and stole your belongings.
With the billions that companies spend on lobbyists and campaign contributions to our legislators, do you honestly believe they would approve an AG to take any legal action against any company, regardless of how many citizens are ripped off or killed by their negligence or greed?

Posted on 04/24/12 at 11:25 pm in response to Post-NFL visit, Vikes stadium picks up speed

Is she testifying as an expert on how to commit Medcaid fraud or prevent it? We have all heard through news outlets how fraud is committed against Medicaid and Medicare. This also happens because the legislators who complain about the fraud, also refuse to fund oversight to protect the interests of the taxpayer and those legitimately on Medicaid. Go after these people, and I think we will all see and be surprised how much money is saved.

Posted on 03/20/12 at 10:28 am in response to Environmentalists take on MPCA over pollution in BWCA and northern parks

Maybe, this is what the utilities want: out of sight, out of mind.

Posted on 03/20/12 at 04:41 am in response to Michael Brodkorb raises the stakes for GOP

Just wondering if this whole thing is not so much about Amy Koch having an affair with a staffer, as to who that staffer is/was.
Being the Republican attack dog against the DFL, maybe the party was worried if the day would come, it could turn on its master. Could they use this firing to get him to just go away, quietly, before he could further damage the Republican image and individual reputations? Apparently not.
And, unfortunately for them, the day has arrived, that dog is...

In regard to states being penalized for not accepting provisions of the new health care law, is this not the way the the federal government
Imposed its will when giving out money for highways?
I seem to remember threats of withholding funds to states who did not comply with mandates regarding speed limits and legal drinking ages in their states.