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William Souder

Grant, MN
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Posted on 01/12/12 at 08:50 am in response to Best Buy CEO Dunn takes a ripping ... on his own blog

So let me get this straight: The question is no longer whether to build the Vikings a stadium, but where? Zigi must take us for a bunch of rubes, which, of course, we are.

Posted on 11/30/11 at 08:23 am in response to Chanhassen says 'No' to Wal-Mart

"Wilfare." Excellent.

Posted on 11/21/11 at 07:16 am in response to 5 legislators: Racinos are the answer to stadium funding

If racinos are a sure and painless source of new state revenue I say let's go for them. But let's not waste the money by handing it over to billionaire Zigi Wilf and his hapless band of perpetual losers, the Minnesota Vikings.

Instead, let's put the money toward infrastructure, toward reduced tuition and increased funding for the U of M, and toward K-12 education. Roads, bridges, and schools should be way higher on our priorities than a greedy and unsuccessful professional football...

Posted on 11/21/11 at 08:37 am in response to 5 legislators: Racinos are the answer to stadium funding

Hey...maybe we're missing something here. Why not put a casino IN a new Vikings stadium? We all know that professional football is about gambling anyway. Plus, the imagery of Zigi & Co. living large off the pathetic dreams of the desperate and the addicted would clarify on a continuing basis the moral bankruptcy at the heart of any publicly funded stadium deal.

Posted on 11/16/11 at 07:22 am in response to Strib: Stadium 'investment' standard for major league status

Yes, when I think of hip, progressive, exciting urban centers one of the first cities that comes to mind is Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Posted on 11/07/11 at 08:23 am in response to Stadium booster: State will lose 2,800 jobs if Vikes leave

Calling the moves of the Colts and Browns "recent" is a stretch.

As for those 2,800 jobs (most of them not fulltime)... with an investment of public money in the vicinity of $650 million that comes to more than $230,000 per job created.

Posted on 11/03/11 at 05:48 am in response to Vikings stadium in 'limbo'

Well, they really did it after all. The Vikings have limbo! Yee-haw!

Posted on 11/01/11 at 06:53 am in response to Gov. Mark Dayton launches two health care task forces

So governor Dayton's cynical efforts to build a "people's stadium" for the Minnesota Vikings when it's clear "the people" don't want to pay for one is running into headwinds. How astonishing. I don't think even Tim Pawlenty would have had the nerve to suggest raiding the Legacy fund.

Here's a suggestion: Let's stop pretending we can subsidize the Vikings without spending any real money. Let's test the whole stadium proposition straight up. Pass a plan to pay for the public's share of...

Posted on 10/27/11 at 02:40 pm in response to Dayton and Koch 'open' to Legacy money for Vikes stadium

Legacy money for the Vikings...seriously? Our cultural heritage is at stake in a massive football complex and real estate development in Arden Hills...seriously?

Is there any way we can bring Tim Pawlenty back?

Posted on 10/24/11 at 06:35 am in response to Minnesota Fortune 500 firms mum on marriage amendment

Public input on a public subsidy for zillionaire Zigi Wilf? It's already been duly noted and ignored.