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Posted on 10/30/14 at 02:24 pm in response to What if McFadden wins and Republicans take the Senate?

That would certainly set up President Obama to use the bully pulpit of the White House for change in the 2016 elections.

We are certainly used to Congress, in fact our whole government from the local to the federal, rendered useless, but as long as we cannot get things done, we can at least hope for explanations of why this is so: a Capitol with Republicans and Tea Partiers in it.

I certainly hope the NYTimes is wrong; they have been wrong before, so there is hope that the...

Posted on 07/17/14 at 01:04 pm in response to 2014 Campaign Finance Dashboard

Too bad there is little possible to track the PAC money, aside from MayDayPAC money of course.

Ad buys? Canvasing, push polls, etc. How does one do follow the money? I see very little reporting on money that is not tied to parties and candidates and how it compares to what has to be reported by the same.

However this situation surrounding the CSI contract turns out, community and family engagement in MPS efforts contracted for remain unmet.

Seems as though many Neighborhood Revitalization Program projects fell flat, perhaps for the same sorts of reasons, leaving objectives to reach the broader goals in NRP plans left unmet. Maybe this was because they were not thought out well enough, but in most cases ongoing approvals and auditing got the truth out without all this kerfuffle over...

Hope not, because there are many out there although I think some might think Supt. Johnson is not one of them.

Posted on 10/01/14 at 02:49 pm in response to A slow and sarcastic first McFadden-Franken debate

Hey, you can launch the boat, but that does not mean it will float; with as as many holes as Mike McFadden's has, he can count on being swamped.

Nothing can float Mike's boat.

Posted on 10/01/14 at 12:23 pm in response to McFadden goes at Franken's record in first debate

Only reason a Republican senator's percentage might seem less partisan is that cloture votes are so rare, i.e., when you block most legislation from coming to a vote and only let through the stuff that most can agree on, you can look more reasonable than you are. Mike McFadden would not be any different.

This is, like most from McFadden, an idiotic premise for ads and campaign issues.

Republicans can campaign against President Obama all they like, but about the only reason this...

Morning news shows are mostly background noise for family folks getting ready for the day, I think; like much of the news media enterprise, they beg the question of what we really get for granting the ongoing franchise that is milking whatever value there is in reaching us.

Storm info, a restaurant tip, or useless trivia is the most we can hope for in licensing these stations and their product, but it makes me wish for something like the BBC when I experience what we get instead.

Posted on 09/17/14 at 04:42 pm in response to Vikings: 'We made a mistake'

The only thing PreferredOne's departure from MNSure says is that they made a poor decision in undercutting the premiums of their competition.

The only systemic problem with health care in Minnesota is the meddling of most Republicans.

Posted on 09/17/14 at 04:53 pm in response to Vikings: 'We made a mistake'

Would killing songbirds unnecessarily be considered a mistake for the Vikings as well?

State House Representative Phyllis Kahn suggested a while back that the value of the Vikings stadium naming rights might go down considering the bird killing probability of the reflective glass used in the design.

Child abuse, killing migratory birds, and all the other criminal behavior of the Vikings franchise just might bring the value of the team down to where reasonable owners might...

Posted on 09/15/14 at 10:09 pm in response to Vikings reinstate Adrian Peterson for Sunday's game

Oh yeah, keeping the Vikings offense on track as well is what is right and until Peterson is convicted of something or someone produces a video of him beating his son, AP is going to play because that is the way of Wilfs and the NFL.

Steal public's money to build your new stadiums so violent folks can satisfy their blood lust through watching and performing legal violence. It is certainly the right thing and they have been focused on it for a long, long time.