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Posted on 04/12/14 at 11:56 am in response to Language use and misuse: 'Evolving' is one thing ...

The business community really is the worst force in destroying our ability to say what we mean and mean what we say.

Take for example the use of the word "metric" for "measure." We know what they mean, but it is the mark of an ignorant boob.

Mr. Hintz has the answer, I guess, but it is a hard one for those who have learned jargon with the value of any old gibberish in selling to anyone who speaks, writes, and understands English.

Don't give up. Sprechen English.

Posted on 04/06/14 at 11:31 am in response to Kahn, Noor to face primary after deadlocked DFL convention

In the unlikely event of Mohamud Noor prevailing over Phyllis Kahn, I think in 10 or 20 years that Noor could become a quarter or a half an effective legislator as Kahn is now.

That was indeed a grueling day and some of the shenanigans made it longer than it had to be, whichever way it went.

Noor has taken a page from one of his endorsers, R.T. Rybak, in preventing party endorsement, but, hey, that is democracy, I guess, even when it hurts and goes on forever and ever, with...

Ever gone to one of those sing along concerts of Handel's Messiah that skipped one or two or more of your faviorite choruses?

Today I wouldn't mind going to one at Orchestra Hall that nixed everything but the Hallelujah Chorus.

We need a tax code adaptive to the economy without any real or imagined effects from extreme ideologies. If you want a government, you want taxes, period.

The balanced budget amendment to the constitution was stupidity as it undermines government in a crippling way, just what the extreme right had in mind. It's in there and although voters have been keeping other ridiculous stuff from Republicans out of the constitution, we're stuck with this until the voters are given a chance to fix...

How about building and maintaining infrastructure like roads and bridges? A significant omission from Mr. Tester's stated Republican mission, I think, as these are things that people have a right to expect and can't have under Republican governance.

Government makes life better for Republicans, Democrats and people of whatever party you have; but only Republicans think that once they and theirs make it, the ladders that helped them should be pulled up after them. They have this...

No, the only way any Republican has much of a chance against Al Franken is if they get through the Republican primary without completely alienating Democratic and 3rd party voters.

So of the candidates dealt with here, only Abler and McFaddon have any real chance at becoming a US Senator. Abler, because he is 'sane' (arguable) and McFaddon, because no one can or will define him.

I suspect that you could just cut and paste from the agenda of the US Chamber of Commerce website to...


No Hiram Foster comments.

Posted on 01/04/14 at 01:19 pm in response to Debate over Orchestra Hall lease continues

We have musicians of an orchestra without a support organization (save themselves) and a lessee soon to lose their lease on Orchestra Hall because their ain't no orchestra playing in it. The lessee has some assets, but to use them in Orchestra Hall under the terms of the lease, they need an orchestra there in the 45 days the City of Minneapolis has to decide (you were kind of right the first time, Hiram).

Maybe they could get a world class orchestra to play the hall in the 45 days,...

Posted on 01/07/14 at 11:58 am in response to Debate over Orchestra Hall lease continues

It is my hall (along with all the others who own it) and I will be requesting my Minneapolis City Council member to work cor the City to issue a request for proposals to manage the hall and book performances in it.

I don't care anymore who is or was using Orchestra Hall, only who can fill it with artful performances and audiences from now until doomsday. That can be the musicians formerly of the MN Orchestra or good high school and college groups or traveling world class orchestras,...

Posted on 12/19/13 at 03:09 pm in response to Why DFL is (somewhat secretly) divided over ranked-choice voting

Fair voting methods are always going to seem like a bad idea to the established powers, but what frustrated some was the near complete breakdown in the fourth estate in covering campaigns; they really did not get it and that spoke volumes about what has become of the free press in our society: they are part and parcel of the political and corporate establishment and not to be trusted (MinnPost excepted, of course).