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Bill Kahn

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Posted on 09/17/14 at 04:42 pm in response to Vikings: 'We made a mistake'

The only thing PreferredOne's departure from MNSure says is that they made a poor decision in undercutting the premiums of their competition.

The only systemic problem with health care in Minnesota is the meddling of most Republicans.

Posted on 09/17/14 at 04:53 pm in response to Vikings: 'We made a mistake'

Would killing songbirds unnecessarily be considered a mistake for the Vikings as well?

State House Representative Phyllis Kahn suggested a while back that the value of the Vikings stadium naming rights might go down considering the bird killing probability of the reflective glass used in the design.

Child abuse, killing migratory birds, and all the other criminal behavior of the Vikings franchise just might bring the value of the team down to where reasonable owners might...

Posted on 09/15/14 at 10:09 pm in response to Vikings reinstate Adrian Peterson for Sunday's game

Oh yeah, keeping the Vikings offense on track as well is what is right and until Peterson is convicted of something or someone produces a video of him beating his son, AP is going to play because that is the way of Wilfs and the NFL.

Steal public's money to build your new stadiums so violent folks can satisfy their blood lust through watching and performing legal violence. It is certainly the right thing and they have been focused on it for a long, long time.

Don't forget 'running with scissors'.

Posted on 09/04/14 at 03:03 pm in response to Here's a Top 10 list Rep. Nolan doesn't want to be on: 'Most Vulnerable'

Republicans cannot tell the vulnerability of candidates from gullibility of the electorate as, by necessity, both are one and the same to them.

Trouble for Mills and his backers with all of their deep pockets is that the voters of the Eighth Congressional District are not nearly as gullible as they think. Every minute of ad they buy will seal their fate.

Neither Mr. Cage, nor Mr. Swift know or have spoken to Phyllis Kahn (unrelated to me), I think, a woman with whom in my twenty years in her district, I have conversed with on many issues. There is nothing wacky about her save in the minds of folks who want politicians who will serve their narrow interests. I think these sorts of ignorant comments will help Representative Kahn in this primary, so please, let these men and all others like them post some more, here.

Phyllis has always...

Oh yeah. Considering what the Archdiocese of Minneapolis and St. Paul and all those dioceses round the state are going through now, DeLaSalle is a big, big issue for everyone.

I am just glad there was someone to help keep them in check as they took over a city street and Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board land for their virtually private stadium.

Well, we'll just have to see what the voters know, won't we? As far as "her lengthy tenure," that grants us a great deal, not her (not so with Noor).

I mean that they teach kids that they can walk all over folks and get things that they don't have any right to have if they are persistent and deny the truth of matters whenever that truth works against their goals.


Where was Mr. Berg during the period that this stadium was being foisted on us?

I think a monastery brewing beer and baking bread for folks in this touristy and historic area would have helped finance and promote all that is Roman Catholicism in Minnesota much better than DLS and its students have.

Until then, we've got a global Roman Catholic clergy sex scandal and other connivances society suffers in the name of religion.