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Bill Kahn

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Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Posted on 07/31/14 at 11:50 am in response to Against the über-presidency: Minnesota Republicans vote to sue Obama

I'm sorry to burst the movement conservative bubble, but the House is not a branch of government; only with the Senate does the House constitute one of the three branches of our government.

Alone, arrogant, and out of their f---ing minds, a House majority constitutes a gaggle of honking geese we need to spit and roast this November for foisting these turds upon our government and for showering us with the same through every communication medium.

Kline and Paulson have to go....

Posted on 07/29/14 at 04:38 pm in response to Walz on VA deal: 'This is the way things should be done'

Oh, sure. Spend several hundreds of billions (that was the money we burned) to send them to war and don't spend a dime to fix them when they get back.

Some flaky folks used accounting gimmicks to overcome erroneously perceived obstacles to their target goals (they forgot those were their charges, not their problems) and you fix it all by cutting the life line of the veteran?

Seems like "we seen the enemy, and he is us." Past Congresses have imposed budgets on the VA that did...

Posted on 07/29/14 at 06:16 pm in response to Walz on VA deal: 'This is the way things should be done'

The civilian health care system is not going to and is not set up to treat the problems of most veterans; it would probably cost far more to attempt to treat veterans this way.

Civilian facilities might relieve the VA in some areas, but they will never replace it until war comes home and we all have the same sorts of problems.

The suggestion to eliminate the VA medical system shows extreme ignorance.

Posted on 07/26/14 at 09:32 am in response to Mills taps Scott Walker's former campaign chief in race against Nolan

Indeed. I can't help but think of the stark contrast between this guy and business folks who actually care about their customers and employees instead of some crazy 'gospel' of conservative belief that they evangelize 24/7.

Too bad someone like James Sinegal doesn't run Fleet Farm and I wouldn't feel bad about dropping thousands of dollars there enriching foolish folks who want to send and keep us all in the Dark Ages.

Posted on 07/22/14 at 02:46 pm in response to The Minnesota Sex Offender Program, explained

You mean people shouldn't rant and rave about sex offenders in ignorance anymore? Are you crazy? Folks like you should be locked up;-)

Posted on 07/22/14 at 02:34 pm in response to MPS school-board races: All the usual dynamics are missing

RT Rybak is holding a fundraiser for Don Samuels later this month.

It occurs to me that folks who still want or need to have some sort of referendum on the Vikings stadium deal should vote for folks other than Samuels for the at-large seats.

Showing Don that he already crossed the threshold of the door out of public service may be the best you can get.

Posted on 07/19/14 at 01:16 pm in response to Minneapolis approves Uber, Lyft

Cities should simply remove themselves from the taxicab business as it looks and feels like racketeering on their part with drivers and customers getting the shaft most of the time.

Taxicabs are covered by state law and there are only a few other cities in the state that bother with them.

Posted on 07/17/14 at 01:04 pm in response to 2014 Campaign Finance Dashboard

Too bad there is little possible to track the PAC money, aside from MayDayPAC money of course.

Ad buys? Canvasing, push polls, etc. How does one do follow the money? I see very little reporting on money that is not tied to parties and candidates and how it compares to what has to be reported by the same.

Posted on 07/16/14 at 12:56 pm in response to Senate candidate Mike McFadden's 'groin gate' ad named best of summer

All McFadden needs is a jingle to seal the deal, one that works just as well as this one:

Posted on 07/11/14 at 08:30 pm in response to Watch this 'Choosing Wisely' video — you'll be happy you did

How come all the Los Angeles, CA footage from a Canada guy?

Is it because LA is the epicenter of wasteful medical care?

The seismic activity, the crime, the San Fernando Valley Fever. They're dying out there, or think that they are.