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Peddling hope out of the trunk of his car

Clifford Dodd remembers the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated like it was yesterday. Dodd had never been moved to tears over a political figure since — until he heard Sen. Barack Obama speak.

The new I-35W bridge from end to end

By 612 Authentic | Friday, August 1, 2008 Following up on our April 2008 video tour, MinnPost reconnects with Mn/DOT’s Kevin Gutknecht to walk the entire span of the bridge.

Video report: Home for sale: $25,000

Boarded up. Abandoned. Raided by copper thieves. These are superficial details to realtor and blogger Constance Nompelis, a self-described “house addict” with a soft spot for North Minneapolis.

Video: Ms. Pettiford’s neighborhood

In 1968, Jeanne Pettiford moved into her current home on Third Street North, a few short blocks from the river and Northeast. Back then, she left the door to her house unlocked, even when she was out of town for days at a time.

Video: St. Paul police bring ‘one-stop’ services to homeless

Designed as a “one-stop shop” for homeless citizens, Project Homeless Connect events are held in numerous cities around the country. The Ramsey County event is unique — it is the only Homeless Connect organized by the police department.

Putting a fresh coat on the neighborhood

Blogger Ed Kohler spends his spare time away from the computer tooling around various Minneapolis neighborhoods covering gang-related graffiti wherever he sees it. Watch the video… By 612 Authentic

Video: Art on Wheels lights up the night

The Minneapolis Art on Wheels (MAW) project creates illuminated works of art using three broadcasting units designed by students during a University of Minnesota course.

The speed of JAO

VIDEO: 612 Authentic captures speed artist JAO in action.