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612 Authentic

612 Authentic’s short-form documentaries won awards in 2005 and 2006 at the Media That Matters festival in New York, and have been featured in the Ironweed Festival, the Journal of Short Film and the L.A. Shorts Festival. Its films, including “Battleground Minnesota” produced for Phillips Community Television, have been praised by Tim Robbins and Juan Williams. Founded in 2005 by Gabriel Cheifetz, its creative director, 612 Authentic’s three-person team serves local and national clients, including Current TV, the San Francisco-based cable network led by Al Gore and Joel Hyatt.

Video: Ms. Pettiford’s neighborhood

In 1968, Jeanne Pettiford moved into her current home on Third Street North, a few short blocks from the river and Northeast. Back then, she left the door to her house unlocked, even when she was out of town for days at a time.