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Video: Art on Wheels lights up the night

The Minneapolis Art on Wheels (MAW) project creates illuminated works of art using three broadcasting units designed by students during a University of Minnesota course. The three-wheeled bicycles house projectors, powered by small generators, capable of projecting 60-foot  by 40-foot images onto the faces of buildings. Software that tracks a laser pointer also allows for drawing on buildings in real-time. 612 Authentic joined a MAW team on May 11 and captured their artistry in action. MAW begins a cross-country tour on May 28 that will travel from Minneapolis to San Jose, Calif., stopping to perform in six cities along the way. 

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  1. Submitted by Charley Underwood on 05/21/2008 - 07:32 pm.

    Wow! I am just imagining how cool that would be to project across from the Xcel Center on September 1-4 during the Republican National Convention. I am thinking pictures of Fallujah, or planes arriving with flag-draped caskets, or panoramic shots of some of the huge pre-invasion marches. In about 3 minutes, a creative mind could think up some truly gripping montages.

    One problem now is that the mainstream media only cover the neocon point of view. With a little artistry, these folks could completely fill that gaping consequence hole.

    Does anybody know how to get in touch with these folks?

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