MinnPost.com Advertising FAQ’s

Q: What is a ‘share’ and how many impressions will I receive?
A: Each ad unit is divided into even  slots known as ‘shares’. We guarantee a minimum of 35,000 weekly impressions. In most cases our traffic will surpass our minimum number and all bonus traffic will be shared evenly among advertisers.

Q: How long do the shares last?
A: We sell shares on a weekly basis running from Monday through Sunday.

Q: Can I buy more/less than a share?
A: Yes. You can purchase as many shares as you wish pending availability. Half-shares are also available. They will receive half the guaranteed impressions of a full share but will not receive the benefit of any bonus traffic above that guarantee.

Q: What if I don’t receive my guaranteed minimum weekly impressions?
A: In the unlikely event you do not meet your guaranteed minimum impression goal we will extend your campaign until your impression goals are met.

Q: Do I have to run Monday through Sunday?
A: No. You’re welcome to start or stop any day of the week, but share prices do not vary based on start dates. If you happen to have an event that ends on a Wednesday, for example, we suggest having multiple creatives so the event ad can come down Wednesday and another ad will start Thursday

Q: Can I still buy CPM?
A: Yes. Our sales staff is happy to work with you. But we think you’ll find that the share rate card offers a better value.

Have a question you don’t see here?  Contact:

Sally Waterman
Director of Advertising

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