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MinnPost.com offers news and features of interest to people who care about Minnesota. Our aim is to ensure that everything you see at MinnPost.com includes solid reporting, thought-provoking insights and excellent storytelling. MinnPost.com has an average of 450,000 monthly unique users delivering an average of 950,000 monthly pageviews.

2018 Banner Advertising Weekly Prices:

Low SeasonHigh Season
Leaderboard (728 x 90)$375$400
Half Page (300 x 600)$600$825
Embedded Medium Rectangle (300 x 250)$425$550
MID Medium (300 x 250 – does not appear on homepage)$450$450

Low Season = January, February, June, July, August.
High Season =March, April, May, September, October, November, December.

Each position receives a guaranteed minimum impression goal based on a share of the total site impressions.  Any traffic coming to MinnPost.com above our guaranteed minimum will be shared evenly with our advertisers at no extra charge.  You may also purchase multiple advertising slots pending availability.

Volume Bonuses
Clients can earn bonus impressions on banners based on their advertising investments in an individual agreement. (Sponsorships are excluded, but investment applies toward volume bonuses on banners purchased.)

     $4,000 = 20% bonus
     $8,000 = 25% bonus
     $12,000 = 30% bonus
     $16,000 = 35% bonus

First-Time Advertiser Incentive
New clients purchasing a minimum of two ad shares receive one-half
ad share at no charge.

Home Page Sponsored Headlines
Automated via RSS, Sponsored Headlines is a new home page
format displayed just below MinnPost’s main daily news stories. Your
headline automatically updates whenever your RSS feed is published
so you can change it as often as you like. Each Sponsored Headline
share will deliver an estimated 40,000 impressions each month.
Annual Agreement One Share: $7,500 net
Annual Agreement: 2 or more shares $6,000/net each.

Content Section Sponsorship:
Target your audience with an exclusive content section sponsorship (e.g. Politics). Please contact us for details.

E-mail Newsletter Advertising:
Daily Newsletter: 300 x 250
Limit of two clients for each newsletter.
Monday – Sunday, 10,500+ subscribers /73,500+ weekly e-mails sent. 
Low season: $580/week
High season: $650/week

Weekly Greater Minnesota Newsletter:
Tuesdays, 4,600 subscribers. $100/week.

Advertising FAQ’s

Sally Waterman | Director of Advertising
swaterman@minnpost.com | 612.455.6953

Laura Lindsay | Advertising Coordinator
llindsay@minnpost.com | 612.455.6964