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Shakespeare for as little as $5 at the Guthrie

The discounts just keep coming for live theater in the Twin Cities. Last month, we told you that tickets for the Jan. 6-11 touring production of “Frost/Nixon” could be nabbed for as little as $16.

Now the Guthrie Theater is trying out a formula to put butts in seats during January productions of Shakespeare’s “Henry V” and “The Two Gentlemen of Verona,” and Edward Albee’s “A Delicate Balance.”

Though such “pay the day” promotions are more common for sports events, the goal is still the same: Get as many people to the venue as possible. Once a full-price ticket is purchased, the Guthrie is offering additional tickets for as low as $5 on Jan. 5. Likewise, a ticket on Jan. 10 would cost $10 after a full-price ticket (topping out at a maximum of $60 on a Friday or Saturday) was purchased. So, four people (the maximum number allowed in this offer) could see a weekend production for about $90, tops.

Not bad for consumers who are feeling tight-fisted as headlines remind us that this is the worst recession in decades.

“Going into the year, everyone in the arts in the country is nervous because we’re talking about people’s discretionary spending,” said Melody Bahan, director of communications for the Minneapolis theater.

The sale, which runs Jan. 5-11, is part of the Guthrie’s winter campaign to entice Minnesotans out of their homes to see three productions whose casts consist almost entirely of local actors. So, if a ski trip or a Florida beach is out of reach this winter, why not buy local and cheer on the local team? The Guthrie wants you to escape from January — right here in your backyard!

These discounted tickets are only available by telephone: 612-377-2224. Some restrictions apply.

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  1. Submitted by Lee Henderson on 01/02/2009 - 01:33 pm.

    Complete details and info is available at To clarify: this Guthrie’s winter sale runs Jan 5 – 11 and is valid for all January performances, except opening nights.

    The sale doesn’t begin until Jan. 5, so in the mean time, gather your friends and make plans to visit us this month

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