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Minnesota author Bill Holm, 65, dies

Minnesota poet and essayist Bill Holm died Wednesday at a hospital in South Dakota, according to a story in today's Marshall Independent.

Milkweed Editions publisher Daniel Slager told the paper that Holm wrote "as if someone were talking to you. That is often attempted but rarely accomplished." Milkweed published a number of Holm's books.

Holm, who received the McKnight Distinguished Artist award last May, was 65. McKnight, in announcing the award, offered a thorough synopsis of his life. Read it here. He had retired from teaching English at Southwest Minnesota State University last year.

MinnPost will write more on Holm's life later today.

FULL STORY: Minnesota mourns the loss of author Bill Holm, by Casey Selix and Amy Goetzman, Thursday, Feb. 26, 2009

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Comments (2)

This just breaks my heart. I had the pleasure of working with him a couple of times, and I've rarely met a writer who could more elegantly use language to spin a tale. A lovely man and an even lovelier essayist.

I never heard him read without moving me to laughter as well as tears. I hope the programs he did with the piano are archived. A great loss.