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‘New in Town’ will have to wait

I fully intended to see “New in Town” over the weekend.

I fully intended to see “New in Town” over the weekend. The new movie set in New Ulm — though actually filmed in Canada — seemed like one of those films that Minnesotans should see to keep track of the images that the rest of the country is getting of us.

The local papers seemed to like it. The Strib headline: ‘New in Town’ hardly new, but still charming

Pioneer Press: ‘New in Town’ is about Minnesotans, but this time, the accent is on our charm 

Then the out-of-town media weighed in.

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USA Today: “To say that ‘New in Town’ is the worst movie of this fledgling year is to damn it with faint praise. It may be one of the worst movies of any year. Not content to be merely inane and predictable, it is downright insulting, humorlessly deriding those who choose to live in rural America, labor in factories or have a strong Christian faith.’

The San Francisco Chronicle: “There should be a special Oscar for good actors who still give their all when they’re in bad movies. Christina Applegate and Anna Faris should both get nominated in this category every other year. Nicolas Cage would have to be named for some kind of lifetime achievement award.

“And then there’s ‘New in Town’ star Renée Zellweger, who takes an otherwise passable mainstream comedy and all but ruins it with her lack of effort.”

Los Angeles Times: “The new comedy starring Renée Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr. is flat, the romance is listless, the pacing is sluggish, and the fish-out-of-water flops — flip-flop, flip-flop, I can hear it still.”

So, never mind. All that negativity, coupled with the cost of taking the family and assorted friends and cousins to the theater, made the decision easy: Catch it on Netflix in a few months.

Editor’s note: All that bad press didn’t seem to deter others in search of a romantic comedy. The movie was No. 8 on a top-10 list of weekend box-office sales, according to the Associated Press. To readers who saw the movie: What did you think?