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'Cabinet of Wonders' unites musicians, poets, comedians, novelists (and Grant Hart)

The singer-songwriter John Wesley Harding and the novelist Wesley Stace are one and the same. The former was compared to Elvis Costello for good reason: His late '80s and early '90s albums surged with baleful wordplay that spat truth to power (clichéd, but true) both socially and politically, a commitment that didn’t abate as he downsized from major label Sire to plucky indie Appleseed. Harding’s latest disc, “Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead,” follows up two Wesley Stace novels with more subtle attitude and judicious tune-smithing, helped along by cohorts like REM’s Peter Buck.

Playing on the insight that his writer friends have always envied his musician friends and vice versa, Harding/Stace and his comedian friend Eugene Mirman (who opened for Flight of the Conchords last time through town) have put together a tour that features both, with an ever-changing cast of characters.

The Minneapolis edition of “Wes & Eugene’s Cabinet of Wonders” will also include ex-Husker Du drummer/songwriter Grant Hart, ex-Zuzu’s Petals frontwoman Laurie Lindeen (also author of “Petal Pusher,” spouse of Paul Westerberg, and poster woman for thriving despite multiple sclerosis), acerbic and whimsical author/journalist Dennis Cass and poet Todd Boss. Taking place Thursday at the 7th Street Entry, the now-smokeless ashtray heart of Minneapolis music, it promises to be a thinking person’s crapshoot of creative improvisation and off-the-cuff delights.

Here’s John Wesley Harding performing the semi-autobiographical "Top of the Bottom" two years ago. Here’s Eugene Mirman slipping into a familiar role as a sexpert.  Here’s Grant Hart last year in Kansas City, and Laurie Lindeen reading and playing.

Wes & Eugene’s Cabinet of Wonders. Thursday, April 9, at the 7th Street Entry. 8 p.m. $15.

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