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Dance, video juxtaposed in Donna Uchizono’s ‘Thin air’ at the Walker

Lisa Rinehart, writing in danceviewtimes, called New York choreographer Donna Uchizono’s trio “Thin Air” “a heady conceptual piece with just enough dancing to keep it grounded (and, I might add, fascinating).” Sounds good to me.

The work, on stage at the Walker Art Center’s McGuire Theater this weekend, reportedly blends Uchizono’s fascination with Buddhism and physics with her detailed approach to choreographing specific areas of the body. White canvases in the form of plastic sheeting and flowing dresses are also integrated into the on-stage action (like Eiko and Koma’s recent work “Hunger,” the dancers will wield paintbrushes), along with ladders and video.

If “Thin Air” has a theme, Rinehart adds, it’s “perceptions of reality by way of juxtaposing the corporeal qualities of dance with the theoretical realities of video.” Art-rock guitarist Fred Frith has composed the score for the 75-minute work. I’m hoping for rigorous minimalism layered with a post-modern attention to everyday objects, embedded in some big ideas about visuality and being. Sounds like Uchizono will deliver.

Donna Uchizono Company, 8 p.m. Thursday-Saturday, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis. $21-$25. 612-375-7600.

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