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New Dan Brown novel a guilty pleasure, NYT reviewer says

Times are tough in the publishing world, so there’s great anticipation that the new Dan Brown novel will get people back into bookstores when it’s released Tuesday.

Advance copies of “The Lost Symbol” weren’t made available — it didn’t really need advance reviews, coming on the heels of “The DaVinci Code” and “Angels and Demons” — but the New York Times got one and its reviewer practically gushes about the page-turning action, after admitting there was trepidation about Brown’s ability to follow his own success:

“Could he still tell a breathless treasure-hunt story? Could he lard it with weirdly illuminating minutiae? Could he turn some form of profound wisdom into a pretext for escapist fun? By now his own formula has been damaged by so much copycatting that it’s all but impossible for anyone to get it right.

“Too many popular authors (Thomas Harris) have followed huge hits (“The Silence of the Lambs”) with terrible embarrassments (“Hannibal”). Mr. Brown hasn’t done that. Instead, he’s bringing sexy back to a genre that had been left for dead.

“The new book clicks even if at first it looks dangerously like a clone.”

Bookstores have been preselling the book for months at huge discounts. It sounds as though fans will be satisfied.

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