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No. 1 on iTunes for Owl City — Owatonna’s Adam Young

Owl City — the musical name for Owatonna native Adam Young — hit No.1 on the iTunes singles chart this week with “Fireflies.”

The song is the only single from a debut album to score the top spot in 2009, with Lady Ga Ga the last to do it from her album released in 2008, said a publicity release from Top40-charts.

Young recorded the album “Ocean Eyes” in his parents’ basement and jump-started his career with his songs on MySpace and has now hit it big on iTunes, with nearly 1 million singles sold.

An Associated Press profile earlier this month characterized Young:

Earnest and a little awkward, the self-effacing Young makes an unlikely candidate for a pop star. But he’s an example of success in the post-Internet music business because he transformed online popularity into money in the bank.

“Never in a million years was this where I imagined myself going,” said Young, 23. “It’s been surreal, to say the least.”

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