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Workhaus Collective opens third season with ‘The Sense of What Should Be’

The playwright-driven Workhaus Collective opens its third season this weekend with “The Sense of What Should Be,” the latest work by Dominic Orlando.

In this comic-book-inspired piece, a small-town teenager decides to change his luck by putting on a costume and becoming a supervillain, out to rule the world ­ and maybe get the heart of the girl he secretly loves.

Orlando began the work at the Yaddo artist retreat in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., last fall and completed it this year. It’s the latest piece from an artist who has worked throughout the country, and with many local companies, including the Guthrie and the Jungle, and had work at the Minnesota Fringe Festival. The show’s cast includes Dylan Frederick, John Middleton, Joanna Harmon, Christine Weber, Daniel Jimenez and Cory Hinkle.

“The Sense of What Should Be” runs Friday, Nov. 6, through Nov. 22 at the Playwrights Center, 2301 E. Franklin Ave., Minneapolis. Tickets are $8 to $15. For information and tickets, call 612-332-7481 ext. 20 or visit online.

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