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Brave New Workshop takes on love, relationships and sex (mostly sex)

The Brave New Workshop returns to a favorite topic in its latest revue, as it takes a close, ahem, hard look at love, relationships and sex. Mainly sex, as it turns out.

“How to Make Love Like a Minnesotan III: The Full Montevideo” spares little on its spry, 90-minute journey through modern relationships. There are office romances, fresh starts and bad endings and lots of humor directed firmly at men and women and their confused courtship dances.

There are sharp moments throughout, from a Twins-based locker room romance (with a cameo by a maybe-ex Viking) to literally dozens of euphemisms for a man’s privates.

They even sneak a little improv into the mix (not counting the bonus set that follows the shows), as a pair from the audience is drawn onto stage as new neighbors for a dysfunctional couple. It didn’t hurt that the night I saw it the ever-facile Mike Fotis was handed an absolute gift on a platter ­ — an employee of the Minnesota State Fair.

Director Caleb McEwen and the company provide a pretty tight ship here, with the hits heavily outweighing the misses and different sketches never outstaying their welcome. “How to Make Love Like a Minnesotan” is honest enough to make the humor really zing and sting, the way good comedy should.

“How to Make Love Like a Minnesotan III: The Full Montevideo” runs through April 24 at the Brave New Workshop, 2605 Hennepin Ave. S., Minneapolis. Tickets are $25-$29. For tickets and more information, call 612-332-6620 or visit online.

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