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New CSAs will feature a crop of locally produced art

The Twin Cities, for many years a hotbed of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), has a clever new take on the CSA concept: Community Supported Arts.

As in farm CSAs, buyers purchase “shares.” But instead of receiving boxes of vegetables or flowers over the course of the summer, these buyers will receive works of art.

Just as CSAs support local farmers, the new CSAs support local artists, in this case nine of them. Each purchaser will pay $300, and will receive three "farm boxes" of art over the course of the summer.

The project is the work of and Springboard for the Arts, whose website describes the program this way: "Featured works could include items such as: an edition of vinyl 7, a run of screen-prints, series of small tea cups, run of photographs, tickets to an upcoming performance or event, letterpress editions of a poem or short story, or even 50 small original paintings. Each member share will receive one piece from each of the 9 CSA featured artist works over the summer and will also include a bumper crop of additional artwork and arts opportunities. The pick-up evenings will be at local art sites and will be events in themselves."

Scott Stulen has details in his blog post on the Walker Art Center website.

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