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Hip-hop hits Intermedia Arts

Intermedia Arts’ B-Girl Be Festival culminates this weekend in a multimedia performance by international hip-hop icons Rokafella (Anita Garcia) and Kwikstep (Gabriel Dionisio), called “Innaviews.” The piece investigates the New York hip-hop pioneers’ highly physical and kinetically powerful dance styles, as well as their work as educators and community leaders. The New York Times called out the performance for its “playful intelligence.”

In the multimedia piece — which incorporates visual projections, dance, theater and props — the dancers create a variety of characters (from a well-meaning but clueless college student to a thug-like radio host to an overbearing college professor) to explore the history of hip-hop. And of course, there’s the dancing, which Rockafella and Kwikstep began taking from the street to the stage as a form of performance art in the 1990s.

“Innaviews.” B-Girl Be Festival. 8 p.m., Friday-Sunday, Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis. Tickets $10-$12. 612-871-4444.

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