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‘The Lonely Visitors’ brings smart dance-theater to the Fringe

Another remarkable troupe from Chicago, RE|Dance, presents “The Lonely Visitors,” a sophisticated work of dance-theater for seven performers. Lucy Riner and Michael Estanich are the creators of this piece, and two of the troupe’s most arresting, resonant performers.

Shades of European dance-theater pioneers Wim Vandekeybus (the risk-taking physicality) and Pina Bausch (the spoken text, keen use of space, dramatic sensibility) exist in this work. But the choreographers have generated an idiosyncratic movement vocabulary all their own. Ballet, gesture, everyday movement and modern dance are intertwined in a piece that continually assembles and disassembles on stage, with ever-present wooden chairs as props, supports and instigators.

Every move is performed with fearless efficiency, as sections of beautiful unison dancing emerge in stark contrast to noisy proclamations about love, spontaneous laughter and applause, or gripping moments of daredevil partnering. Separation and connection are themes as chairs — and dancers  —collide, topple, pile up, disengage and fall.

“The Lonely Visitors,” RE|Dance. Final show tonight, Tuesday, 8:30 p.m.

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