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Spontaneous hooky: Walker’s Field Day begins today at 2 p.m.

It’s very near the end of the third work week of August and a healthy proportion of your colleagues is already up at the lake or otherwise disengaged from the grind. Yeah, it’s overcast and getting steamier, but cool compared to the upcoming weekend. Meanwhile, all sorts of delightful silliness beckon out in the Sculpture Garden at the Walker Art Center.

Don’t let the official title — Field Day— deter you. Even if you don’t regard yourself as an “mnartist,” you’re encouraged to join in. Beginning at 2 o’clock this afternoon, you’ve got your choice of the Drawing Club, the Greenspace Games, and the Plein Air Garden Party.

The first is all about doodling; collectively created art alongside artist David Lefkowitz and the Manual Image Assemblers Local 47. The games include croquet among the sculptures, pick-up badminton, and kickball among teams that register on the spot at 2 p.m., meaning individual stragglers can organically come together and create their own squad. And the garden party invites painters of all ages and abilities to bring their easels and other materials down for iconic recreations of the skyline and other iconic images. The games and the party last from 2-6, the drawing club extends to 7 p.m.

From 3-6 there is a hi-tech version of tag, using the flash of digital cameras, the brainchild of artist Ben Garthus. From 4-6 there is what amounts to hip-hop karaoke (without a lyric sheet), as audience members are invited to spout rhymes or break dance to the beats of a DJ. And from 6-8, the pros take over in an open lounge, as some of Minnesota’s finest songwriters, prose stylists and performance artists engage in what is billed as Rockstar Storytellers. During that same two-hour period, local artists will attempt to connect with would-be patrons by extending the community shares approach to organic farming into art.

The day’s events will conclude with Campfire Concerts conducted around the Walker area by the Roe Family Singers, Holley Munoz and Velvet Davenport from 8:30 to 10.

Throughout the day, there will be refreshments on sale outside courtesy of the Garden Grill of Wolfgang Puck. And artists will be hawking their books, jewelry, T-shirts, whatever, in the Cargill Lounge. Last but not least, TPT’s “Mn Original” series will be interviewing participants and screening episodes throughout the day.

No cover charge for any of these activities. So ditch work and indulge the more carefree side of your creativity. Field Day in and around the Walker Art Center Sculpture Garden, today from 2 to 10 p.m., free.

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