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Northrop plunges into new dance season on Friday

The Northrop Dance Season will open this Friday with quite a splash, literally.

Tania Pérez-Salas Compañia de Danza, reportedly Mexico’s premiere modern-dance company, is the 20/11 season’s first performance. The concert includes a work, “Waters of Forgetfulness,” that’s performed on a stage flooded with water. For a preview, go here.

Then there’s the metaphorical splash: a cavalcade of activities celebrating the season. Prior to the show, Charanga Tropical plays on Northrop Plaza during an outdoor dance party designed to put the terpsichorean in everyone in the mood.

After the show, the party continues on the plaza with a shout out to Mexican independence (called the “Grito”), followed by KFAI DJs from Radio Pocho spinning Mexican dance music.

At the same time — yes, there’s more — artist and U of M professor Ali Momeni and Minneapolis Art on Wheels (MAW) will premiere their film art installation “Seaworthy”  on Northrop’s venerable front façade.

Tania Pérez-Salas’s company, by the way, will also perform her new work, “Ex-Stasis,” which explores the body’s connection to the dreaming mind; and “3.Fourteen Sixteen,” a work of lean lines and fierce gestures, to a classical string score.

Tania Pérez-Salas Compañia de Danza. 8 p.m. Friday, Northrop, East Bank Campus, U of M. Tickets $28-$48. 612-624-2345.

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