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SAGE awards for Minnesota dance to be given Tuesday

The annual Minnesota SAGE awards for local dance will be presented Tuesday in a ceremony at the Southern Theater.

And the nominees are:

For Outstanding Dance Educator (1 honoree)

Awarded to a dance educator/teacher for commitment and accomplishment in the field of dance education.

  • Karla Grotting
  • Mary Harding
  • Judith Howard
  • Beck Stanchfield

Special Citation (1 honoree)

Awarded completely at the panel’s discretion to anyone with a strong connection to the field of dance in Minnesota.

  • Susanna di Palma
  • Patrick Scully
  • Linda Shapiro

Outstanding Performance (3 honorees)

Awarded for the performance of a show, a work or a piece of choreography at which an audience was present. Interdisciplinary work can be considered. The award will be given to the creator or creators of the performance.

  • Francis Kofi and Hayor Bibimma for Anyendo Hwendo’s “Rainbow Spirit”
  • Joanie Smith for “Bolero”
  • Uri Sands for “Earth”
  • Ranee Ramaswamy and Aparna Ramaswamy for “Ihrah: Sacred Water”
  • Angharad Davies and Alex Grant for “Security”
  • Kenna Sarge for “-ER+A”

Outstanding Ensemble: new award for 2010 (1 honoree)

Awarded to a performance ensemble or a group, without limit to the number of performers. An audience must be present.

  • Cast of Heaven by Morgan Thorson
  • Cast of Women & Men by Shapiro & Smith Dance
  • Zenon Dance Company for performances in Fall Concert, Spring Concert and the opera Orpheus and Eurydice

Outstanding Design (2 honorees)

Awarded to an artist or group of artists who work in the areas of costume design, lighting design, music composition and sound design, set design or installation works, or film and video.

  • Body Cartography ­— Production design for Half Life
  • Mary Ann Bradley, Andrew Welken and Shawn McConneloug — Film and direction for SubVert
  • Paul Herwig — Set design for The Jury
  • Deborah Jinza Thayer (Mathew Smith, music; Lisa Axell/Laura Adams, costumes; JeffBartlett, lighting; Deirdre Murnane, puppetry; Brian Axell, set) — Concept and production design for Ode to Dolly

Outstanding Performer (3 honorees)

Awarded to a single dancer or dancers in an ensemble or a group, without limit to the number of performers. An audience must be present.

  • Rachel Barnes — Femme de la Swashbuckle Box; Ode to Dolly; Dougieland
  • Mary Ann Bradley & Greg Waletski — Here, Now That You’re Gone
  • Brian Evans — Just One More; In Between-Between Places; Love Triangle (from TheJury); Abandon Me; A Word With You Dear; Tales from the Book of Longing
  • Penelope Freeh — We’ll Survive if We Don’t Protect Ourselves; Tributes; Ballet Works Project; Ode to Dolly: The Sheep; Inter Alia; Moving Works
  • Jin-Ming Lai & Galen Treuer — Arrangements

The awards are Tuesday at 7:30 p.m., with a reception following. Tickets: $12, more information at the Southern Theater box office: 612-340-1725.

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