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Venerable Schubert Club adopts new logo

An updated logo, left, is part of the Schubert Club's branding makeover.
An updated logo, left, is part of the Schubert Club’s branding makeover.

The 128-year-old Schubert Club of St. Paul — which celebrates classical music with concerts, recitals, a museum and educational programs — is moving into the 21st century.

No, it won’t abandon the Romantic era or “Bach” away from its classical tradition; we’re talking about a new logo and design.

“We are very proud of the new look of The Schubert Club. The beautiful design is an extension of the same excellence we present in our concert, museum and education programs,” said Kathleen van Bergen, artistic and executive director. “The new graphic standards will better allow us to share the finest musical arts with audiences in Minnesota.”

As part of the updating, they’ll also produce a new program magazine called “An die Musik,” the title of which translates as “To Music.”

Included in the makeover: a logo, color palette, typography and fonts, imagery and photography, and simplified messaging.

Brand management is big these days, and the Schubert Club says it’s hoping the new look will highlight these attributes:

  • World Class — the highest quality international, national and regional artists, both vocal and instrumental.
  • Historic — the organization offers a rich history of sharing the finest musical arts for nearly 130 years.
  • Accessible — the offerings of the organization are available to a broad range of people and not exclusive to a select few or narrow demographic.
  • Intimate — the performance experiences are intimate so audiences can connect with the performers.
 Musical — the brand is focused on the experience of music.
  • Relevant — the organization, its mission and offerings are as relevant and fresh today as they were over a hundred years ago.

Does it work? Feel free to weigh in with comments.

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