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‘Dark Matters’ deconstructs the puppet/human body

Canadian choreographer Crystal Pite, who danced with the ballet deconstructionist William Forsythe and his company in Frankfurt, investigates the physics of the body in her fantastical dance-puppet hybrid “Dark Matters” this weekend at the Walker Art Center.

The piece is the first in a series called “Adventures in New Puppetry” that explores the influence of puppet arts in contemporary art and performance.

Pite’s work, performed by her company Kidd Pivot Frankfurt RM, begins with a dark fable about a puppet maker and his progeny, which comes menacingly to life (think “Night Gallery” rather than “Pinocchio”). The work then merges into a kinetic world in which the definitions of puppet and human are made indistinguishable by the dancers. For a preview go here.

“Dark Matters.” Kidd Pivot Frankfurt RM. 8 p.m., Oct. 14-16, Walker Art Center. Tickets $15-$25. 612-375-7600.

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  1. Submitted by Karen Cole on 10/15/2010 - 05:25 pm.

    We saw this opening night. Extraordinary. The first part was very inventive and very funny in parts. The dancing throughout and especially in the second half was amazing and very creative. And the ending was very touching and tied everything together. We were very glad we went.

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