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Nominations now open for prestigious Sally Awards

People and institutions making contributions to the arts and arts education in Minnesota can be nominated for the annual Sally Awards.

Named after philanthropist and Ordway Theater donor Sally Ordway Irvine, the awards have been presented annually since 1992. The 2010 awards will be presented Mar. 21.

The four traditional categories are:

  • Vision — recognizes exemplary creative thinking and strategic leadership in support of a particular project or development of a body of work that will have long-term impact on the community. Examples include creation of new artistic/cultural opportunities, expanding access to the arts, or leading the community in new directions.
  • Initiative — recognizes bold new steps taken by an established or emerging artistic or cultural individual/organization that has had a significant impact on strengthening Minnesota’s artistic/cultural community.
  • Commitment — recognizes lifetime achievement, contribution and leadership in the arts and culture.
  • Education — recognizes an individual/organization or particular project that has had a significant impact on education or mentoring in the arts and has contributed to increasing knowledge about the arts throughout the community.

And added this year is a fifth — the Arts Access Award — to recognize extraordinary efforts to increase the depth and breadth of citizen participation in the arts.

Nominations will be accepted through Nov. 15. Say the rules: “Individuals and organizations from any artistic or cultural field are eligible, as long as their work took place in Minnesota. Nominees may be artists, professional administrators, volunteers or philanthropists.”

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