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Aniccha Arts to premiere new work merging Indian dance and multimedia

Aniccha Arts, a performance company originated by Pramila Vasudevan in 2004, pops up in some unusual spaces, performing works that integrate contemporary Indian dance with high-tech media. In fact, a single show might combine live dance with virtual movement captured on a video screen.

This weekend, Aniccha Arts will premiere a new work, “Words to Dead Lips,” at Intermedia Arts. The germ of the work’s concept is a pulsar (in astronomy, these are small dense objects that rapidly rotate and emit regular pulses of polarized radiation — and are often considered neutron stars that form after supernova explosions).

The work is described as “an labyrinth of sight, sound, and movement,” with Vasudevan’s collaborators — John Keston, Dipankar Mukherjee, Jasmine Kar Tang, Matt Wells,
 Sarah Beck-Esmay, Chitra Vairavan and Kayva Yang — helping to create such an environment. Expect percussive Indian-based dance submerged by electronic soundscapes and hand-drawn animations.

For a preview, visit online.

“Words to Dead Lips,” 8 p.m., Friday-Sunday. Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis. Tickets $10-$12. 612-871-4444.

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