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Minneapolis’ latest sidewalk star recipient: Vince Vaughn

Perhaps you’re not aware that Minnesota has its own showbiz “Walk of Fame.”

Well, it does. The terrazzo stars for Minnesota celebs are embedded in the sidewalk on Hennepin Avenue between Eighth and Ninth streets as part of a booster program sponsored by Hennepin Theatre Trust, the outfit that runs three big refurbished theaters — State, Orpheum, Pantages — on Hennepin.

The latest star recipient is comedian/actor Vince Vaughn, who was born in Minnesota but spent most of his childhood in Illinois. Vaughn, also known as one-half of the “Wedding Crashers” and other things, will be presented his star on Nov. 20 prior to the start of his Vince Vaughn Comedy Road Show at the State Theatre.

He joins Bob Dylan, Marion Ross, Tippi Hedren and Loni Anderson, who were previously placed in the pavement. Soon to be honored, according to Hennepin Trust, are Judy Garland, Jessica Lange and James Arness.

If you want to see Vince Vaughn’s show, go here for details.

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