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Tune in to the Bouncing Girl tryouts, where 20-somethings and grandmothers vie to fly high

Listen in on the Bouncing Girl tryouts at the Landmark Center, where everyone from young 20-somethings to grandmothers vie for a chance to fly high.

By Todd Melby

St. Paul Winter Carnival blanket toss, 1887
Photo courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society
St. Paul Winter Carnival blanket toss, 1887

The St. Paul Bouncing Team is a show stopper at parades around town, including Saturday’s Torchlight Parade at this year’s St. Paul Winter Carnival. People are enthralled watching the lithe women being tossed high into the air and caught by men holding a blanket.

Listen to the Bouncing Girl tryouts that took place at the Landmark Center on Friday, Jan. 25.

Becoming a “Bouncing Girl” (some prefer the term “Bouncing Queen”) is no easy task. It’s not like jumping on a trampoline. It’s more unsteady. And there’s plenty of competition. On the upside, no one has been dropped since the event began in 1886.

From young 20-somethings to grandmothers, this year’s tryouts showed that old and young alike like to fly high.