Previewing ‘Music & Lyrics,’ a poster art show for Record Store Day

Record Store Day takes over the entire free world Saturday, and one of the more creative – if under-the-radar – events is “Music & Lyrics,” a poster art show at Hamilton Ink Spot in downtown St. Paul next to Eclipse Records. Curated by co-founders of Hamilton Ink Spot Monica Larson and Bill Moran, the show opens Saturday and runs through the end of the month. The limited edition hand-printed beauties are all for sale ($20-$30, with all proceeds going to the artists) starting Saturday at the opening reception (1-5 p.m.), and MinnPost got a preview:

Poster artist: Samuel Anderson
David Bowie, “Under Pressure”
Inspiration: “I chose lyrics from ‘Under Pressure’ because the show coincides with Record Store Day; I believe that commercial holidays present an opportunity to show others love through gift-giving. Love and individualism is more important than consumerism, which is the concept beneath my print: A record placed in a shopping bag that reads ‘Give Love’ instead of ‘Thank you!’ Music is meant to be heard, shared, and loved; that’s why records are so awesome. In the past, when I was low or needed someone, I would listen to David Bowie sing, ‘Why can’t we give love?’ and wonder the same thing. I still listen to the song and find solace in it to this day.”

Poster artist: Morgan Hiscocks 
Musician/Song: Missy Elliot, “Work It” 
Inspiration: “The song was and is one of her biggest hits; it’ll forever cause a room to surrender to the dance floor. This verse in particular speaks volumes. It promotes cognizance, feminism, financial independence … the ‘do what you go to do’ attitude is commonplace for many demographics, I think. Everyone needs an income to live; with life’s hardships come sacrifices. This verse is rooting for the human condition. Be smart. Be safe. Play the game, don’t let the game play you.”

Poster artist: Molly Poganski
Mother Maybelle Carter, “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?” 
Inspiration: “I grew up in Kentucky, and I am a big fan of old-time Appalachian music. The Carter Family were pioneers in mountain music, and they traveled extensively to remote areas of the mountains to collect and learn songs from the locals. They recorded and performed these songs for nearly 30 years, laying the groundwork on which modern country (and therefore, rock) music has been built upon. Mother Maybelle Carter learned to play music at a young age and innovated her own style of guitar picking in which she played the melody and rhythm simultaneously. She was an incredibly talented musician and one of my musical heroes, yet many people have never heard her name.”

Poster artist: Ian Kolstad
Bob Dylan, “I Shall Be Released” 
Inspiration: “As a fan of Bob Dylan who wrote ‘I Shall Be Released,’ and countless others who have performed it, it felt right to create a poster to commemorate the song. The poster takes its visual cues from both the literal interpretation of the song, being confined in a prison, as well as the spiritual connotations.”

Poster artist: Jeremy Lindvig aka Cletus Snow
Beach Slang, “All Fuzzed Out”
Inspiration: “I use the line ‘You are how the Smiths sound when they’re falling in love.’ I’ve always been a huge fan of the Smiths since a friend’s older brother recorded me two of their albums when I was in junior high in the fantastic ‘80s. The lyric really stuck with me and I couldn’t get it out of my head as I flipped the record over and over. Maybe it’s nostalgia. Maybe it’s the fact the members are my age and that I can identify with the feelings and emotions of the lyrics. Maybe it is just trying to figure out what the Smiths would sound like when they do fall in love. I’ve done a gig poster for Beach Slang in the past so they were cool with me using the lyrics. If you like the Replacements, you’ll dig these guys, from Philadelphia

Poster artist: Andy Nelson
Musician: Edith Piaf 
Inspiration: “I painted the bright organic watercolor to try and convey the energy and passion that Edith Piaf had when she sang. Each print is unique because of that aspect which I thought was fitting for her voice and character. I also included a quote by her which translates [in English] to, ‘Singing is a way of escaping. It’s another world. I’m no longer on earth,’ which is perfect for listening to her but also for listening to music in general. The little sparrow I drew and printed over the top to pay homage to her nickname, ‘The Little Sparrow.’”

Poster artists: Tim Cronin and Jeff Hnilicka aka Husbands 
The Smiths, “This Charming Man” 
Inspiration: “Riffing on Morrissey’s signature cheekiness, the poster shows a furry body taking a selfie. In the figure’s chest hair you see the lyric, ‘I would go out tonight, but I haven’t got a stitch to wear.’ The poster makes a contemporary nod to the song’s original comment on gay social interactions. Putting the text on an image suited for Grindr or Scruff, the selfie evokes a gay culture rooted in machismo, vanity, and alienation.”

Poster artist: Sara Parr
Louis XIV, “Paper Doll” 
Inspiration: “I chose the lyric ‘If you want clean fun, go fly a kite.’ I love Louis XIV for their general irreverence, particularly on the album ‘The Best Little Secrets Are Kept.’ Their royal badness is so infectious! In choosing something to represent the song visually, I went literal. I did some research on paper dolls and came across a set of Bettie Page paper dolls, which seemed perfect – everyone’s favorite pin-up girl with a streak of innocent naughtiness. My intent is to encourage open exploration of the feminine – sex and all. Women should take the opportunity to learn what gets them off and feel free to enjoy it.”

Poster artist: Jason Yoh 
Built To Spill, “You Were Right” 
Inspiration: “One of my favorite aspects of working in print shops is the communal atmosphere of being with other people with shared interests. Music has always been a big part of that. I have a lot of associations of music and printmaking overlapping, but one specific memory that sprung to mind was the time a co-worker turned up the shop stereo to play this song. The soaring guitars begged air guitar accompaniment and I loved the way the lyrics quoted a list of cynical classic rock anthems spoke to my feelings of that time and place so perfectly that it earned a top spot on my personal print shop playlist.”

Poster artist: Derek Huber
John Lennon 
Inspiration: “I chose the Lennon quote, ‘a dream you dream alone is only a dream/a dream you dream together is reality.’ It’s just a beautiful statement from the man that inspired us all to imagine. The Beatles’ music was a constant fixture in my art classes as a kid, so you could say that Lennon’s words of sharing your dreams were critical in the development of my creative process.”

Poster artist: Mary Bruno 
Amy Loftus, “Work To Do” 
Inspiration: “I first came to know this song from another printer pal of mine, Lisa Beth Robinson, who teaches art at East Carolina University of Art & Design in North Carolina. She sent me a mix CD and this song was one of the many tunes I got hooked on. I kept playing it and singing it over and over and then the words sunk in. It’s one of those songs that has it all: the perfect mix of dreamy sing-songy melody paired with mic-dropping content.”

Poster artist: Lucas Richards and Sam Smith 
Type O Negative, “My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend” 
Inspiration: Richards: “I listened to Type O Negative quite a bit as a late teen/early 20-year-old and this is one of the more bizarre songs I’ve heard in my life. We thought it’d be fun to make a beautiful and, more importantly, sexy poster for that song.”

Poster artist: Steve Senger 
Songs Ohia, “Alone With The Owl” 

Inspiration: “I have always felt a strong connection to many of the works of Jason Molina/Songs Ohia. The majority of the songs carry a dark tone accompanied with honest lyrics and a quiet hope. To me, ‘Alone With The Owl’ is one of deep introspection. Taking time to look at one’s life and be honest that something is not right and asking the questions, ‘Do I need to keep on this path? What is keeping me on it?’ The lyrics, ‘While I lived was I a stray black dog? While I lived was I anything at all? Did I have to live that way?” painted a picture just like that: A stray dog wondering, searching for an answer.”

MinnPost photo by Jim Walsh

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